Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Spanking Poem on Christmas Eve (plus lots of Christmas spanking art)

Disciplinarian spanking

 Christmas Poem by Naughty Boy

Oh my goodness, I have been such a naughty boy

Miss Jenn will give me a spanking I won't enjoy
Instead of giving me the patty cakes I desire
Miss Jenn is going to light my bottom on fire

Miss Jenn teaches me the lessons I need to learn
Her super hard spanks really make my bottom burn
Miss Jenn spanks me with her cane, paddle and tawse
And then sends a "naughty" verdict to Santa Claus

Santa's elves start working on a spanking machine
That looks quite benevolent colored red and green
But looks are deceiving, it spanks really hard
Too bad there isn't a Monopoly "no spanking" card

Santa's spanking machine will help Miss Jenn
To punish the naughty boys who have not been
Well behaved and willing to do chores for her
Hard spanks are needed, all the elves concur

Mrs. Claus wants to make sure naughty boys obey
So she asks Miss Jenn to work on Christmas day
Miss Jenn's hard spankings guarantee peace on earth
As we celebrate the Christ child's virgin birth

Joy to the world, wishes of good tidings for all
And hard Miss Jenn spankings from here to Senegal

Christmas spanking art that a Disciplinarian or spanko will love

Female Disciplinarian Professional Disciplinarian

spanking art that Professional Disciplinarian will love

Paddles for Professional Disciplinarian

Santa needs to be spanked by this Professional Disciplinarian

An elf as Professional Disciplinarian
spanking Christmas memes that a Disciplinarian will love

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  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for your blog posts! I'll admit to having made one or two naughty posts - you'll just have to owe me.

    Hoping you have a wonderful 2020!