Saturday, December 28, 2019

I Like All The Different Expressions of the Women Witnessing His Spanking

Bored / Disinterest
"Oh my!"
Thrilled / Happy / "I'm Next!"

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  1. There is nothing as embarrassing as a witnessed punishment spanking. What are some possible effects on the witness?

    1. Witness is shocked and embarrassed. She has always wanted to see a real spanking, but she is ashamed of her desire.

    2. Witness is somber but satisfied to see justice being served. Especially dramatic if she was the “victim” of my offense.

    3. Witness is scornful and will mock me for being totally emasculated over my disciplinarian’s knee.

    4. Witness is turned on, smiling and giggling. She will use knowledge of this humiliating spectacle to tease and control in the future.

    5. Witness is turned on. She will fantasize about being spanked like this herself.

  2. Lady with long braided hair on end of couch, reminds me of my high school biology teacher.