Monday, December 9, 2019

Once Is Not Enough by Glenmore Tales

FM spanking cartoon
I enjoyed spanking you so much I've decided you need another spanking!

I recently found out about Glenmore Tales. I'd seen his spanking art / spanking cartoons before for years but until recently I had never seen his site, Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories & Art.

Do you recognize his work? I bet you do since I sure did.

There are many pieces of his spanking art that really hit home for me, including this one.
It is called "Once is not enough - A FM spanking cartoon"
This one really hits home for me, since I do a lot of spankings in the shower, bathtub, or the bathroom. Perhaps as you are reading this, you are remembering that time I took you to the bathroom with fond memories? I know my memories are fond, but perhaps with your smarting & very hot, very sore, very red bottom, you may feel otherwise.

Here's what Glenmore himself says about this wonderful spanking cartoon & don't you just love his red "smarting" bare bottom & the fact that she's holding this naughty young man by his ear?

This naughty husband has just received a fiery spanking from his wife and hopped into the shower in search of some relief for his chastened cheeks.
However , his wife has decided that now that he is nice and wet , another spanking will really smart.
Besides , she enjoyed his first spanking so much she decided once is not enough!

Have you ever been spanked in the shower, the bath, or the bathroom? And if so, by whom? Which implement or implements were used on you? Was your bottom wet or perhaps it was dry & you were getting a mouth soaping at the same time? Do let me know...

If you end up commenting on any of his posts, do make sure to let him know in your comments that
"Miss Jenn Davis sent me!" at the very end of your comment so he knows where you found him.

Curious what FM means? Female top, male bottom (aka female spanker, male spankee)

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1 comment:

  1. I have been spanked on a wet bottom a few times, the bath brush being used. The worse was not at home but visiting my mother-in-law and my attitude was not so good, she and I don't get along. A couple of days and my wife had enough and waited until I stepped out of the shower. She was in charge and I do as told and so wet, she took me to the kitchen, the bath brush is her hand and sat down, I was soon over her lap and she really warmed my bottom good. Of course her mother heard and was soon enjoying the show. I could care less I was showing all, I stood facing the wall, and to insure I improved my attitude I was told to put on my jammies, boy did I feel very little. My mother-in-law said the next time she will give the spanking and so far there as been no next time.