Friday, December 27, 2019

Bill Gets a Spanking

spanking art

Bills gets spanked when his teacher takes him to the principal's office.

Great spanking art!

Love those hand spankings

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  1. This was drawn by the late great 'Ann Madison' she was a Spanking artist from New Orleans who drew upon her experiences growing up. She mysteriously disappeared after Hurricane Katrina hit back around 2004 and stopped being one (as far as I know), knows what exactly happened to her.

    1. So sad that she disappeared, I hope that she is ok

    2. No one knows for sure what happened to her, she could have just stopped doing 'Spanking artwork' or something worse could have happened.....wish I and the other folks who follow her artwork knew. It's really too bad she's not producing anymore new drawings, she was really good!

  2. To be honest, Billy has had a recurring dream of being spanked and paddled by Principal Davis. At night in bed, as he turned on his side to sleep he would lightly run his hand over his bottom once or twice imagining how hot and sore but manageable it would be after meeting Ms. Davis's hand and paddle. It was just a matter of picking the right time and he knew a properly chosen misdeed could make his wishes come true. What he didn't know is that on the very morning he chose to misbehave, Principal Davis had burned her breakfast toast and had a devil of a time starting her car. The events of her day had set her on a slow burning trajectory, and so when Billy showed up by the ear at her office door, all the conditions were there for lighting a fire on Billy's bare bottom. He had miscalculated and when she finished, on the couch in the privacy of her office, when the heavy paddle was laid back on her desk, he understood between sobs why one must be careful what one wishes for...