Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Who Doesn't Like Rosy Cheeks?

spanking art
Name one person?
You can't
Everyone likes rosy cheeks, now tears is another story...

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  1. That looks like more than just "rosy".
    And looking at his face I assume she paddled, strapped and caned him good.
    Somehow I've the feeling her plan is to make him feel better now ..

  2. Great drawing by the artist known as 'Kamitora' I love his artwork

  3. Such a cute loving girlfriend teasing and spanking her naughty devil to tears! Now she needs to take him back over her knee for loving after care and admire her rosy handy work, then it's cuddle time! Such a lucky naughty devil, what more could he need? MORE otk bare bottom SPANKINGS over her silky knees with good scoldings, that's what he needs, as yes, apparently he hasn't been spanked hard enough yet!!! She should use both her hand much harder AND her playful wooden spatula again and again for a nice, RED bottom, no white pancakes for my darling!!!!
    Xoxo, your blushing pancakes,
    ND =;)

  4. She loves rosy cheeks, and not just because of how much fun it is to slap his shapely buns with her hand until they're glowing like a fire.

    This sisterhood that's normally so willing to share advice has kept this nugget a widespread secret. In public together, they commiserate that their men are unchangeable, lazy, inattentive. And while this might be true for some men, a small but growing cadre of goal-oriented women know that there is hope, that the magic motivation of change for their man *does* exist and that it doesn't require special tools or knowledge. That correction of a man gone astray takes place in bedrooms and kitchens (where dirty dishes always await a helper with a blistered bottom) and walk-in closets and garages and automobiles, in private spaces all over the country. It's punctuated with cracks and sobs and the sound of regret.

    Whether used as reward or punishment, the sound spanking is that ideal tool for women to mold their man into the perfect vision. Whether by hand, mother-in-law's hairbrush, strap or a thick ash paddle, there are always bare bottoms and tears and promises of different and improved behavior. Sometimes it takes repeated coaching, but the women that know the benefits and are willing to apply them repeatedly to a naked seat have enjoyed remarkable results.

    These chastised men have learned politeness and respect. They have grown to love the women that turn their cheeks rosy, even as the tears run down their face. They are new men.