Sunday, December 22, 2019

Thank You For The Gifts & It's Not Too Late if You Haven't Gotten Me Anything

I was sooooo happy opening my gifts!

Wouldn't you like to make me smile like that too?
After all, you normally see me scolding at you & then forgiving you after your spanking, so you normally don't get to see me very happy unless we are spending quite a bit of time together like in the Miss Jenn Experience or in a Fly Me To You experience.

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  1. You can fly Southwest or you can wear panties, but you can't do both...laughing

  2. I had this dream: there was a woman fascinated with SEO that loved to spank my bare bottom. I was afraid to wake up, but as it turns out...

  3. Really FUN video to watch, so nice to see you so happy! (and nice Santa outfit someone got you)I like what you said about feeling like a kid again. Makes me wish I had gotten you some of those things, (and of course you know you have at least one more gift coming by this weekend......Hmmmmm wonder what it could be) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. I wonder who got me that cute Santa outfit? Hehe, it's quite the flattering costume, I love it!