Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Imagine How You'd React...

... if you found this in the bathroom

leather strap in the bathroom belonging to Professional Disciplinarian

Would you think that a Professional Disciplinarian lives here?
Would you wonder what this means for your bottom (or perhaps someone else's)?
Would you start shaking in fear, knowing what is to come?
Would you think a Dominant Woman or a Spanker lived here?
What does the bathtub / shower represent to you?
What would be your reaction to seeing this? And would it differ depending on who you thought put it there?

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  1. I would be pleasantly surprised...and somewhat excited. I would exit the bathroom with a smile on my face. If we had not yet discussed spanking I would be looking for a way to bring it up...if we had already discussed It I would likely be asking how to earn the privilege of being on the receiving end of it :)

  2. I would think that Miss Jenn was sending a not so subtle message to Naughty Boy that he is long overdue for a trip to Seattle to scrub that shower, toilet and sink for her.

  3. I would wonder if a Professional Disciplinarian, Dominant Woman or a Spanker lives here.
    I would wonder who in this house is possibly disciplined with the strap.
    If I was here to be punished, I would be shaking in fear.
    The bathtub and shower are closely connected to memories of spanking rituals.
    My reaction to seeing this would be a highly raised pulse, more difficult breathing, stomach fluttering and in knots, tingling buttocks, and a reaction that is too embarrassing to admit. The reaction would be strongest if Miss Jenn put the dreaded strap there.

    1. and Miss Jenn certainly did put the dreaded strap there on purpose!