Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Having a Spankingly Good Christmas Day from Miss Jenn

Hope your Christmas Day is a blessed and wonderful time spent with family and or friends, loved ones, and a spankingly wonderful time for all.

Professional Disciplinarian woman spanking Santa

Professional Disciplinarian

Professional Disciplinarians love to spank naughty ladies

I got a paddle and spanking ruler and now I'm a Disciplinarian

FM spanking art Professional Disciplinarian
(this piece of spanking art was done by Glenmore Tales)

if not, come see your Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis
If you haven't received your Christmas spanking, it's not too late to schedule a session in the coming days with Miss Jenn!

spanking memes for spankos and disciplinarians

Christmas spanking art
Santa spanking meme that Disciplinarians love

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