Sunday, December 8, 2019

So Excited For My San Francisco Trip

scolding and spanked

This is my favorite kind of trip, a sponsored trip where I will be spending 99% of my time with one naughty boy, instead of juggling a ton of spankos all of whom I need to send out confirmation letters to, my address, and so forth. So this takes a huge burden off my shoulders & I can really enjoy my time, spanking, site seeing, eating, and of course, disciplining this very naughty lad.

Now you won't believe this, but I received a note from this naughty boys principal and do you know what it said?

That his conduct had been very poor in school. Playing hooky, foul language, and forging MY signature on the notices that were sent home regarding his behavior.
And if that wasn't bad enough, he was also caught PEEPING in the women's locker room!

I plan to get to "the seat of the matter". Now the last time I had to discipline this naughty young man, I stuck him in a hot bath after spanking him & then proceeded to give him a WET spanking, which is much worse than a dry spanking. However, that obviously wasn't enough. So this time he is going to be in for a POP spanking, only the WORST, the ultimate worst spanking you could ever get.