Sunday, August 7, 2022

Fondling in the Frilly Fashion Show


Fondling in the Frilly Fashion Show

“Meet me in the bedroom for your inspection.” Words to strike fear into the heart of anyone. Especially a panty-boy who knows he’s in trouble. In this scalding hot JOI clip, Miss Jenn torments and excites you as she commands you to wear all your pretty panties. It’s a humiliating touch, tease, extravaganza you won’t want to miss. The only question is, will you find relief or endless frustration?

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  1. Of course naughty devil has just too much fun getting entrapped by getting caught peeking up your skirt at your frilly panties for a well deserved over the silky knees bare bottom spanking! And of course teasing sweetheart sure needs to be taken over the knee too for a nice skirt up panty spanking to be followed by a nice blushing cheeks bare bottom panties down to the knees spanking too! After all, switching naughty devil is a firm spanking believer in equal opportunity spankings so no pale pancake fannies are left unblushed.
    ND =;)