Wednesday, June 15, 2022

This poor young lady keeps getting it home, at college


F/f spanking art

the list goes on. I think she had a bad day

(or a good day depending on who you ask & if they are a spanko)

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  1. And this is just starting off the week on a good note as it was only Monday's worth of spankings. At this rate, she'll be in good naughty company with an automatic place reserved her in summer school for more spankings all year long along with the rest of her class filled with naughty devil frequent over the knee spanking flyer friends too! And when not getting over exposed in summer spanking school, just imagine seeing her at the neighborhood pool on weekends with her well spanked wet blushing bottom peeking out from under her bikini, maybe she'll have to work on a sunburn to match her blush of embarrassment from all of the poolside smiling lecherous naughty devils just dreaming of taking her pert little well roasted radiating bottom over their knees too!
    ND =;)