Monday, June 20, 2022

My Way of Saying Thank You - Free Custom Audios!


bathbrush spanking

2022 is turning out to be an incredibly challenging year for me, hence I haven't been as interactive with my fans as I normally am on my website, twitter, email, & other platforms. Due to some really big hurdles that have been thrown into my path, I've only had time to focus on work and not socializing online.

So many wonderful people continue to be supportive by visiting my blog, reposting my tweets, reposting old podcast episodes, buying me gifts off my wishlist and so forth. I wanted to show my appreciation by offering to turn your story into an audio totally FREE for the next month, as my way of saying thank you to the community.


There are a few rules and here are the main ones:

Email me your story which I will narrate
Your kinky story must be under 1,500 words
Must be in a niche that I dabble in (ie- spanking, FemDom, humiliation, feminization, etc)
It must be clear in your story that all characters are 18 or older
Nothing that is banned by most or all the sites


Keep in mind that your story will be published to all or some of my sites, so it will not be private in any way.

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