Thursday, September 22, 2022

Your Mouthsoaping POV - Audio

 I'm not sure how frequently you check my clip store, but if it's been a while you might not have known that I posted a very popular clip (it was #1 in the FM spanking category for quite a while.



Have you been wondering what it might be like to have your mouth washed with soap? I'm sure, just the thought of it fills you with dread. When Miss Jenn lathers up the bar of soap, she means business! You may have been spanked before...but have you been spanked while having to keep a bar of soap in your mouth, knowing full well that your punishment will get a hundred times worse if you spit that bar of soap out. Now THAT is a real punishment. This audio is not for the faint of heart.

If you are considering having Miss Jenn wash your mouth with soap, then this is MANDATORY HOMEWORK as you need to be prepared for the real thing. Mouthsoaping is NOT for everyone & just because you can handle a spanking, doesn't mean you can handle a mouthsoaping.

This audio is intended for a mature audience & is for entertainment purposes only. You assume any & all risks for any mouthsoaping you may get.

This is an audio .mp3

Click this link if you'd like a mouthsoaping

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  1. I would love a good mouthsoaping from you. What brand of soap would you use on a real foul language boy