Friday, October 21, 2022

How many of you would enjoy "Spanking Court"?


spanking court spanking art

Either being the judge on the court, being the defendant or being part of the jury?


  1. For easy marching to the spanking chair, next to the witness stand is the spanking stand where all verdicts are expeditiously carried out following the expected bare bottom otk spanking sentence. Of course as this is the notorious Happy Lecherous Spanking Kangaroo Court, all summoned naughty devils are automatically guilty as charged to have minimum penalties of well blushing bare bottom otk spankings administered this instant as No Nonsense You're Getting A Spanking Judge Jenn reveals her silky knees and inviting lap! All whimpering appeals for after care will be made from the otk position to be summarily denied and have much harder, longer spankings tacked on for such incorrigible behavior. The audacity of naughty devil's shenanigans, to have even consider an after care appeal before the spanking sentence has begun; only appeals for longer harder spankings over more silky knees will be granted. Of course naughty devil knew this all along in his nefarious plot to get more otk spankings over Judge Jenn's silky knees.
    As always, looking for an amusing spanking good time over silky knees.
    ND =;)

  2. Think I'd either like to be either the Judge or a Juror OR the person giving out the Spanking! Fun cartoon, it does look like you a bit ;)

  3. I should prefer to serve as judge, meting out judicial punishment of an appallingly severe nature - only to be justly prosecuted for magisterial misconduct - NOW, as they secure me to the whipping bench, I have a few moments to reflect upon my past performance before is put to its dire task!!!

  4. I should prefer to serve as judge, meting out punishment of an appallingly severe nature, only to be prosecuted for magisterial overreach - NOW a moment of remorseful reflection as I am stripped & secured to the whipping bench myself - & then the tawse descends full force!!!

  5. The idea of a real Spanking Court is exotic but apparently difficult. It's been tried a couple times but never lasted more than a couple years. Maybe you could reinstitute one! Graham