Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Check Out This Deck of Cards - Red Bottoms

Ruler of Paddles Ruler of Straps

 Wouldn't you just like to have this deck of cards?


  1. Sounds like a card game I'd really enjoy!
    Fancy a game Miss Jenn?
    Guess what the winner gets?

  2. What, no Ruler of Palms, Pervertibles or Spatulas cards? Not to mention Spanking Chair cards for the Her Royal Majesty's OTK Spanking Throne, Teacher's Spanking Chair, Mommy's Bend Over My Knee This Instant Spanking Chair, Irate Wife's Spanking Chair, Irate Girlfriend's Spanking Chair and of course the Supreme Deluxe OTK Spanking Chair with that incorrigible Naughty Devil's name reserved on it. ND =;)