Monday, April 11, 2022

WHAP Magazine - Women Who Administer Punishment

 Have you ever heard of WHAP! or read this magazine back when it was out?

A well-spanked submissive sent me the link & these photos saying the ladies in this magazine reminded him of me. What a compliment!
The publication no longer exists, this was from back in the 90's but you can still see some of the magazine covers


And here's what a friend of mine sent me about this vintage publication:

"On a slightly different note, there’s an old publication from the mid/late ‘90s called WHAP! (Women who Administer Punishment). The imagery and sensibility of this publication reminds me very much of you. It features the domestic discipline of spanked, feminized, humiliated husbands by beautiful, stern matriarchs such as yourself. Here’s the publication’s old website with images of some of the covers"



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