Tuesday, August 23, 2022

"Therapy Sessions to Break his Masturbation Habit" - New Audio is up on my podcast


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Description: Michael starts seeing Miss Jenn Davis, a Disciplinarian, to break his nasty habit of masturbating 4-5 times a day. The one thing that Miss Jenn demanded was complete honesty and total transparency, she told Michael that failure to obey her would be ending the sessions or face severe discipline and punishment.   As they continued their discussion Miss Jenn noticed that Michael would  constantly look at her feet and legs, something she would remember as  she established her therapy plans for him.  Miss Jenn continued the  discussion laying out what the expectations would be.  The first would  be to reduce his frequency of habit to no more than twice a day striving  to once a week by month 6.  She indicated that the  weekly sessions  will be on Friday evening for 1 hr. The sessions will start with  discussion on his weekly behavior and frequency of masturbation and it  will end with OTK discipline and punishment as well as  verbal admonishment  throughout the session.  After month 3 and always  noticing that Michael would always stare at her pantyhose covered legs and feet,  Miss Jenn decided to add nylon foot worship to their sessions.

This audio goes over their various therapy sessions to break Michael of his bad habit.

This is a work of fiction & intended for a mature audience to enjoy a fun kinky story.



  1. Of course before, during and after being bent over your silky knees for his well deserved and constantly earned bare bottom spankings, naughty devil so enjoy foot and silky leg worship too; sure this is a work of fiction? Mature audience? Nah, forever the juvenile delinquent, naughty devil is always in need of sweetheart mommy's loving bare bottom otk spankings for kinky fun.
    ND =;)

  2. Well, Miss Jenn, I admit that this scenario is more than enough to apply a harsh experience to a brat like me...but, Ma'am, it might help us more if we add a scene to this scenario that happens a lot in reality...(well this is a little shameful) which is to catch me while I am doing it, when you enter My room suddenly, well, Miss Jane, I'm sure you'll enjoy doing the right thing towards me, after I beg you to keep it a secret, and of course my bare butt will have to pay my bill over your knees as usual, I assure you that I will wait impatiently to bury my face in the corner.