Here is my Travel Schedule.  Some dates are firm, others are tentative...
    • Spanking in Las Vegas: August 13, 2021 (Evening time only) (this could get extended if I get enough session requests, but that normally doesn't happen for Vegas)
    • Spanking in Washington D.C./Baltimore:  Sept 24-28, 2021 (this is a rescheduled trip from 2020). Dates that are still available for shoots/sessions: Sept 24, 26, & 27

    NO OTHER TRIPS PLANNED & I am NOT planning to attend any Spanking Parties in 2021 due to coronavirus. If things go back to normal, I plan to resume traveling in 2022 or 2023 but not attending large events. So NO LoneStar, NO TASSP, and no SHADOWLANE (aka ShadowLodge)

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