Friday, September 23, 2022

If you're late...


professional disciplinarian miss jenn davis holding bathbrush

It's not too late to get me a birthday gift as I celebrate for the entire month of September, HOWEVER if it arrives late, the next time I give you a spanking, you'll be getting an EXTRA HARD spanking for being LATE.


Amazon wishlist - click this link

Other birthday gift ideas:
  • I also have some BIG birthday items on my wishlist this year that most of you can't afford, but if you sent me an Amazon gift card and say a few other people did that, then maybe I could purchase one of those big ticket items. For example if an item is $175, then it's probably $200 after taxes and shipping. So if 4 people got me $50 Amazon gift cards, then I'd be able to purchase it.
  • I loving clothing & shoes (see my Amazon wishlist) click here for my wishlist



  1. I am glad I already sent you your birthday present, but you can still spank me when we meet. You have to use your birthday spanking paddle though. :)

  2. Wicked lecherous naughty devil will just have to remember to hold off and send your gifts late next year to get the extra hard spanking!
    ND =;)