Sunday, August 14, 2022

My Birthday Month is Coming Up!

September is my birthday month... and you know what the means? YOU get to receive my birthday spankings!

birthday paddle

 So whenever you are ready to receive my birthday spankings, send me an email to set up a PHONE session or in-person session in honor of my birthday.

Also if you would like to spoil me from afar, feel free to get me something off my Wishlist or send me a gift to my PO Box. Please contact me if you are sending something and need the address (if you are sending off the Wishlist, Amazon already has my address, so you won't need to contact me for that)

  Amazon wishlist - click this link

Other birthday gift ideas:
  • I also have some BIG birthday items on my wishlist this year that most of you can't afford, but if you sent me an Amazon gift card and say a few other people did that, then maybe I could purchase one of those big ticket items. For example if an item is $175, then it's probably $200 after taxes and shipping. So if 4 people got me $50 Amazon gift cards, then I'd be able to purchase it.
  • I loving clothing & shoes (see my Amazon wishlist) click here for my wishlist

Miss Jenn spanks

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  1. Now dear you know perfectly well it is certainly much better to receive your own birthday spankings to be able to show off your cute fanny with a nice radiating red blush while entrapping naughty devils peeking up your skirt. And of course lecherous naughty devil will happily give you your loving happy birthday spankings over his knee any time of year.
    ND =;)