Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thank You J. Thurber For the Testimonial

Miss Davis:

Let me tell you about a very unusual dream I had last Friday night.  In the dream, an attractive neighbor, whose views from both the front and the rear are quite appealing, managed to have me over to her place, after we had a beverage in mine and she wrangled a view of my messy office.

When I arrived at her place, within seconds, my jacket was off and my pants were down, and I got a number of very embarrassing spankings from her, in different locations and positions and with different implements, to address the deplorable state of my office.  Now, I have to admit that the spankings in the dream were not cruel or harsh, they just stung a lot and were so undignified with my bare bottom wiggling in the air to avoid her well-placed spanks.  While I am not a fan of physical violence, especially to kids, in my mind this spanking was just the opposite of violence, it was loving guidance to remedy a situation I regret.  At times, I felt she let up a bit so we could have an adult discussion, but then the intensity increased, including my getting a whipping with my own belt.  This woman really knows how to deliver a proper spanking!

As I woke up the next day and reflected upon the dream, I was wondering if I had imagined the whole thing.   My bottom was definitely red in the morning, but that could have come from a hot shower on my rear. I saw my belt missing.  Did I go out Friday night without putting a belt in my pants?  On Saturday, I was a little tender sitting, but not wincing.  It was a good reminder feeling. When I got to my morning swim, did I hear my bottom sizzle as it hit the water, or was it my imagination?

All I know is that cute neighbor I imagined did a very good thing.  She put so much energy into what she did and was so active in teaching me a good lesson.  This dream was no nightmare and it made me feel refreshed and happy and like I made a new friend.  A week later, I am still feeling productive and wonderful!

- J. Thurber

Professional Disciplinarian

Thank you J for the testimonial, our enjoyable time together, and of course...your belt!
Hope to do it again soon.   - Miss Jenn

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