Thursday, November 22, 2018

Dear Husband


Happy Spanksgiving to you all!

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  1. Such a playful loving wife, naughty devils always love having promised warnings of having pants and underwear yanked down then to be taken by the wrist forcibly over silky knees for good long hard bare bottom spankings from their darling!!! My such a tease my dear is whispering sweet spanking promises to come in my ear, all the more incentive for her playful naughty devil to tease back even more with surprise caresses up my darling's irresistible silky legs to get caught peeking up her cute little skirt at her pretty panties again, requiring even more soft caresses!!!! March me to the spanking chair this instant please, my darling must break in her new pretty hair brush with more promised happy over-the-knee blushing spanking, cuddling and caressing memories!!!! A spanking, cuddling and caressing promise made is always a promise kept!
    Your always naughty and affectionate ND =;)