Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dear Miss Jenn - A Testimonial

Dear Miss Jenn:

So I have to tell you: this is the most, most sore I have ever been after a spanking!!!!!

Was it the hardest spanking I have ever had? No and yes. No, in that I have actually had to safe word before -- I've been caned too hard, paddled too hard, gotten licks that were too hard.

None of the licks I got from you yesterday were close to making me safe word -- even though oh my god(dess) some of them hurt!!!!!!

What was different, though, and why this actually might have been (in one way) the most strict spanking I have ever gotten is this: I think I definitely got more licks -- many more licks -- from you than I have ever gotten before. And my poor, bruised, innocent bottom was definitely radiating more "color" than ever before!!!!!! (Seriously!!!!!)

And I loved every minute of it.

I absolutely loved it when you brought me out of corner time and I immediately noticed that you were holding a huge, thick belt.....belts send me over the edge....and then when you told me I was getting 50 licks, I was scared, but I had also died and gone to heaven.....OMG that was bad!!!!

I also loved it when I argued with you over the number of cane strokes I was getting.....and your response was just to go on and on and on and on!!!!!!! OMG I thought that caning would never end, Miss Jenn!!!!!! Interesting note: I used to think I hated the cane. After playing with you twice, it is now my third fave instrument (after the belt and the strap....although I also like paddles!!!!)

I think this is because you are not brutal with the cane. I mean, it hurts, it stings, man does it sting -- but it is not brutal.

I also loved it when I tried to struggle with you, stop you from spanking me, grab your hairbrush.....and how you absolutely lit into my bottom in response. OMG!!!!! I couldn't do anything but lay there and take it. You are stronger than I am!!!!!!

I also absolutely loved the green shorts you were wearing. So cute!!!!!!!! Part of me wanted to pinch see what would happen.....but a) I was afraid of what the repercussions might be and b) I was not sure if this is an appropriate way to interact with a professional disciplinarian (even if I was doing it as bratty play -- you might have a boundary against that!)

Anyways.....thank you for a wonderful experience. Oh, and it's not just my butt that's sore, Miss Jenn. My calves are sore (from all the jumping I was doing, after your licks). My arms and neck are sore (from resisting you!!!!) My shoulders are sore. I am swallowing advil like you wouldn't believe!!!!!! It's all good.

thank you thank you thank you


Thank you D, for the lovely Testimonial. It was definitely enjoyable for me as well  
      - Miss Jenn

Miss Jenn Davis

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