Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Poem From a Naughty Boy

Miss Jenn Davis

Miss Jenn is one of the best, everyone knows
And I'm one of the naughtiest she has ever seen
So over Miss Jenn's lap my poor bottom goes
For discipline and guidance from a beauty queen

She spanks me with her hand, then her hairbrush
Before switching to her spatula and wooden spoon
She spanks me harder, harder, and is in no rush
To end my poor bottom's misery anytime soon

After a hard spanking to teach me my lesson
Miss Jenn gives me sexy lingerie to dress in
While I scrub her bathroom and give her a foot massage
Before she gives me one final cane and strap barrage

I'm so glad Miss Jenn didn't spank me even more
Because my poor bottom is sore, sore, sore
A few days later my poor bottom still knows it has been
Over the lap of sweet, but strict Miss Jenn

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