Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Chris Writes a Testimonial About Our Time Together

Miss Jenn Davis

Miss Jenn continues to deliver unique and original sessions for those that come back for more!  This was session was based on the same basic theme (product testing on me with various items in her arsenal) as the last one but it was still unique!

This was a longer session (90 min) and the intensity was ramped up too!  

It started with a great OTK beginning and then proceeded with additional implements and positions.  I was then asked to guess which implement she was using on me.  I was to either get 5 of them right or get an additional strapping.  Well I only got two right so over I went for a serious strapping!  

Then she continued on with a large variety of implements used multiple times (24 implements I think) of all different varieties (wood, leather and other materials including hairbrushes, bath brushes, leather straps, tawses, canes, paddles, etc, etc.)

In the end the outcome was clear...

Miss Jenn and her arsenal: 1
Chris and his sore rear end: 0

Miss Jenn is a very beautiful and caring lady.  She can help you explore many different scenarios.  Just ask!

I highly recommend Miss Jenn to both new and experienced spankos.  The possibilities are endless!


Thank you so much, Chris, it means a lot to have you share how you felt with me
    - Miss Jenn

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