Thursday, November 8, 2018

I've Got News For You, These Pants Are Coming All The Way Down

FM spanking

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  1. Oh such a tease!!! Taking your naughty devil over your silky knees with his underwear still up, you know just how thrilling it is when you oh so sternly but sweetly scold your wickedly incorrigible scoundrel of a naughty devil yet again as you yank those briefs to his knees to fall even further to his ankles while his bare bottom, already blushing, is on full display bent over your silky knees!!! Life member enrolled and earning more yanks over-the-knee in my darling's Frequent Spanking Blushing Bottom program, so eagerly awaiting your loving hand to give the proper long hard bare bottom spanking over your silky knees so fully deserved ... and craved!!!
    Always your teasing, wickedly incorrigible blushing bottom ND =;)