Friday, November 16, 2018

Ladies, if this is you...

Professional Disciplinarian

go ahead and give me a call!

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  1. Not to mention flirting naughty devils always love taking care of their darling ladies' over-the-knee needs too, especially YOUR own cute fanny's needs my dear!!! Oh how you definitely need good loving over-the-knee spankings (dress pulled up this instant for a panty tease spanking first, absolutely required for wearing such pretty panties and not so innocently showing them to be a cute tease followed by having those oh so cute panties pulled down all the way down to your silky knees for a nice embarrassing well deserved bare bottom beautifully blushing spanking to remember!) and forgiving cuddling to know just how much you're really loved! Just love my darling so much when she has her spanking needs too!!! Miss you too, always your loving teasing ND =;)