Friday, November 30, 2018

Spanktown: This is Where I Live


Care to be my neighbor?


  1. Sounds like my kind of town and street!

  2. A lucky naughty devil's dream home would be on the corner of Spanktown Road and Blushing Bottom Court. For the Christmas season, the proud homeowners would decorate, putting up seasonal red and green (more red) spanking paddle and cane lights along with an animated Santa on the roof with his naughty bare bottom lighting up to match Rudolf's red nose so bright, spanked over-the-knee by a sexy elfette sitting in her spanking chair by the chimney at night!!! And inside spanking chairs with assorted implements would be carefully placed near the fireplace and under the mistletoe for cuddling aftercare too. Of course naughty devils couldn't wait for the morning and were caught entrapped peeking at their presents early and up the darlings' cute skirts too to be marched to the closest spanking chair with bottoms bared, then with a yank off they flew over their darling's silky knees for some blushing spanking Christmas cheer to match the reddest of poinsettias oh so near. And even that naughty devil old spanko scrooge would get into the spirit of the season waiting for his three spanking spirits to arrive to be spanked for past, present and future naughtiness on the hour.
    'Tis the season for jolly spankings for one and all, especially on the corner of Spanktown Road and Blushing Bottom Court, Merry Spankings and Happy Aftercare Cuddling too! Always on my darling Miss Jenn's Naughty Spanking List, who else so incorrigible deserving to be taken over her silky knees than her affectionately playful ND =;)