Sunday, September 3, 2017

Throughout The Ages Women Have Been Spanking Their Men


  1. Just love old fashion traditional expressions of love and caring! And we hope this loving tradition of being bent over our darlings' silky knees to be reminded of just how much we love our darlings and that she is always right and loves and cares about her naughty devils so much to giving us a good blushing bare bottom spanking for our own good carries on throughout all the ages and into eternity too. Now that would be a naughty devil's heaven or in my humble naughty case, likely the other fun place... I'll be happy either place as long as being summons to my darling angel Miss Jenn's spanking chair! Always needing more hugs & spanks, wickedly yours, ND =;)

    1. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer for my Patreon group? I'd think you'd really thrive in that kind of environment!

  2. I'll have to consider that when I retire from my day job, not too much longer, that bright light at the end of the tunnel is strongly beckoning; hopefully it's not that other bright light, would like to have a few more visits to your spanking chair as a mortal first! And being a proper naughty devil, my wicked naughty thoughts should get my attention full time although some of my best inspiration does come late at night or early in the morning .... especially when your naughty devil really needs to taken over your silky knees!!! ND =;)