Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do You Ever Hear Yourself Thinking This?

I'm pretty certain, that you really DO "need" a good spanking


  1. I think that quite a bit actually LOL

  2. Reading your naughty devil's thoughts, you know your naughty devil always needs a good long hard over-the-knee bare bottom spanking from you dear ... before and after peeking up your cute skirts and caressing your sensuous silky legs!!!! Guess instead of a penny for your thoughts, it will now be a good spanking for your naughty devil's thoughts, will have to keep the wishfully thinking naughty imagination inspired! After all, my darling needs to keep her naughty devil's cheeks blushing and matching that third rose!!!! Gleefully awaiting to see my strict loving darling with the most sensuously silky legs and her loving fun paddles soon! Always misbehaving just for you, your very own ND =;)