Friday, September 22, 2017

Spanked & Mouth Washed For Being Disrespectful To His Wife

I truly feel he is remorseful for his actions (or sometimes lack of actions)


  1. Love the dress, very 1950's! nice pics.....he probably did learn his lesson.....

  2. After giving his morning over-the-knee spanking for making her late again, pretty 50's wifey just need to add her pretty pearl necklace and little white gloves to be all ready to march her incorrigible naughty devil to church to sit in a hard pew for a long sermon on behaving, then march him back home to get another good long hard bare bottom spanking for being guilty of flirting and looking at all the other pretty wifeys' legs while playing with her silky knees in church again today. Such fun being an incorrigible naughty devil getting spankings from his pretty prim and proper 50's wifey!!!!
    Affectionately Yours,
    ND =;)