Tuesday, September 5, 2017

He Is Being Such a Baby, Throwing a Fit While Spanked

What a little brat!

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  1. Of course your naughty devil loves being your baby throwing fits and being a brat so my darling pretty mommy will just need to keep me over her silky knees for a much longer spanking; you know naughty devil baby is happiest over your knee!!!! Then there is forgiving cuddling time until thinking of how to be a brat again to exasperate my darling enough to get marched back to the spanking chair for yet another even longer over-the-knee bare bottom loving spanking over your oh so sensuous silky knees and more forgiving cuddling time too!!!! Such endless spanking fun and just love being an incurable spank-a-holic!!!!
    Ah, another fine day, another fine bare bottom spanking over your silky knees!!!
    As usual, wickedly yours with spanks & cuddles,
    ND =;)