Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The 3 Roses of Spanking

One of my spanko's brought me 3 roses for my birthday (yes, it's my birthday month, how fun!) & I took this great photo of the roses against his bottom

The 3 roses of spanking: the white rose for white untouched bottom, the pink rose as pink is the color your bottom normally turns while being spanked, and the red rose for the well spanked bottom at the end of a spanking.
A little teaser pic for what is to come...
Yes, sometimes it's not the cheerleader getting spanked, but rather the cheerleader spanking her naughty boyfriend!  Don't all cheerleaders do that?


  1. Nice Pictures! Very well put what you said describing the color of the roses

  2. So happy the loving birthday spanking roses pleased you, your naughty devil will always think of your loving over-the-knee spankings when seeing roses, should be quite a flushed yearning to be taken over your silky knees when watching the Rose Bowl Parade, wishing you were spanking me on a float sitting on a rose decorated spanking chair, changing from white roses for first going over the knee, pink roses for after the loving long hard hand spanking, and the pretty red roses for after the oh so fun hairbrush and paddle blushing glowing spankings, hoping my darling won't stop and takes her playful naughty devil back over her silky knees over and over again unless of course it's forgiving cuddle time. Just love being my darling cheerleader's naughty boyfriend, you know I'll dream up some new surprises to spoil, please and amuse you and always need another loving bare bottom spanking over your sensuous knees yet again, have to keep those blushing roses blooming all year long!!! As September ends, hopefully the last surprise shows up soon too.
    Xoxo with cuddles and eternally more loving spanks,
    Your you know who absolutely incorrigible spank-a-holic,
    ND =;)