Friday, September 8, 2017

A Lesson From Mom by Glenmoretales

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  1. GREAT Cartoon, would be funny if something like this happened in REAL LIFE!! ;)

  2. You deserve to have your bottom warmed for using a cartoon and not giving credit to the artist....naughty , naughty!

    1. The artist didn't sign his work and the only artists I know are the ones who have contacted & emailed me. My clients & friends send me art work all the time (since they know i love it) which is probably where this came from, but they also don't know where stuff comes from usually. I actually wouldn't be surprised if this piece came from B who posted above. You should go spank B, hahahahhahaha ;)

    2. You can find my nlog
      Please visit and feel free to have my permission to use any artwork on your blog.
      I'm just happy to share it with fellow spankos.
      You owe me a spanking !

    3. GREAT artwork! You should definitely sign your work so people know it's yours. I bet you'd get way more people coming to your site if they knew where to find you. Do you have a Twitter account?

    4. No I don't have a Twitter account , just the blog.
      Feel free to enjoy and use on your blog.
      PS you are one of my favourite spankers so you may see a little bit of yourself in some posts!

    5. Really???? Me? Oh my, you are so sweet! If you happen to remember which of your posts, feel free to send those to me. Also you are more than welcome to add me to your blog list/blog roll on the right hand side of your website if you prefer. Can't wait to see what kind of new content you will be coming out with at Glenmoretales