Saturday, September 2, 2017

Perhaps You Need a Birthday Spanking!

and not just any birthday spanking, but you can get MY birthday spanks! A very special sub has been sending me gift after gift for my birthday (September is my birthday month & I celebrate all month long) and don't think it hasn't gone unnoticed.  Thank you, you know who you are 😉

I very much appreciate each & every very special gift, thank you! No matter how small it may seem, it's special because it came from you & it shows you care.

Ways in which you can celebrate my birthday month:
  • get me a special birthday gift, one I'll never forget 

    • Gift cards are extremely helpful but since people are not so motivated to get them, I'd happily send you some pics of me that are not on my website as a thank you
    • Of course I have my Amazon wish list :)
    • If you have your heart set on getting me an implement, I like leather (think London Tanners) or canes (Quality Control in the UK are excellent

  • You can purchase some of my clips or sign up for my Patreon site, that always puts a smile on my face! Click here for the link
  • Call me on NiteFlirt and wish me a Happy Birthday!
  • You can come see me for a session & take my birthday spanks

    1. Happy Birthday Month! Sounds like you've already gotten a lot of gifts.....but WHO KNOWS What else you still might recieve Hmmmm....just something to make you wonder ;)

    2. Now my dear birthday darling, shouldn't naughty devils be taking you over our knees for your very own loving birthday spanking? Wouldn't want your luscious cute little teasing fanny to be ignored and not be given the loving spanking with cuddling and worshiping caresses you so truly deserve!!! Besides, being another September birthday, your old goat naughty devil will already be having his own quite lengthy over-the-knee bare bottom birthday spanking coming and to add my darling birthday girl's spanking count to that will surely make my ancient blushing buns glow to look like a pair of red birthday balloons!!! Should be quite a party! See you soon dear and like Old Scrooge's hourly ghosts, various spoiling is on the way as well as in person.
      Spanks & Cuddles Always, ND =;)

    3. would accept YOUR BIRTHDAY SPANKING PADDLING ANY TIME but I know be impossible but happy birthday you look another year younger but more beautiful I always wanted birthday spanking my birthday july 6th