Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank You Lil Bro Tom for the Lovely Testimonial

After Communicating with Miss Jenn through E-Mail's and phone sessions and calls since late July, (and meeting in person once for lunch), we were FINALLY able to get together last week just before Christmas. This was something I had been looking forward to for many months.  The timing was perfect as I'd just had a birthday the day before and was treating myself to a 'birthday present' by getting together with Miss Jenn at my house. I took the day off from my office and we had a very fun, exilerating, yet relaxing time.  Miss Jenn and I had E-Mailed and gone over various 'role-play' scenario's  and came up with one we both liked.  It was a fantasy of mine where I was a 'Little brother' getting Spanked by his 'Older Sister' who was in charge while our folks were away on Vacation for a week, leaving her in charge of me, (my character was puberty age 13-14 and Miss Jenns character was `18-20' and home from College for 'Christmas Break'),  I had described the outfit I wanted her to wear based on pictures she's posted, (white top with a red plaid skirt), and Miss Jenn was very nice and obliged me by bringing that outfit with her, (I thought that image fit an 'Older Sister'),  

Professional Disciplinarian

We arranged to meet at 11:30 and Miss Jenn arrived right on time, (if she was a few minutes late that would have been fine with me too, since I had taken the day off from work),  we gave each other a nice hug and she brought her bag of implements and a bag with her outfit in with her and I proceeded to show her around my home.  It's a big two-story house that I share with one of my brothers, (both being bachelors, he was gone for the day so we had complete privacy),  we went through the various rooms and picked out several to play in and went over the details of the scenario  Before I gave her a tour of my house we sat down in the living room and compared 'implements' and decided which ones to use, (I've been into Spanking for many years and have a nice collection of implements myself, we used some of mine and some of hers). 

OTK spanking

Miss Jenn then went into one of the bedrooms to change out of her street clothes into the outfit I had requested, while I went into my bedroom and changed out of my regular clothes into some sweat pants and a blue 'Pocket T-Shirt' (to be dressed casually as any teenager would at home who didn't have to go anywhere), Miss Jenn and I agreed that I would start things when I was ready by calling out to her in Character.  I called out from my room and asked her to 'Make me a Sandwich'  (as a younger brother might who's used to having his older sister do things for him), and from there we were off!  

Leg lock wooden paddle

I was laying on my bed pretending to read a 'Spanking Magazine' (one I had pulled out from my real life collection), when she came into my room and began scolding me for asking her to make me a sandwich, seeing the magazine, (and getting the cue, since that was me 'improvising'), Miss Jenn immediately began Scolding me for that too and had me sit up while she sat down on my bed and turned me over her knee and pulled my Sweat pants down and began giving me a hand spanking, all the while scolding me.  It was GREAT!  she was in character and it was just like I had always imagined it would be if this was 'real life' instead of just being 'role play'.   The spanking was excellent, not too hard and not too soft  After the spanking was over she ordered me to go downstairs to the kitchen and clean it up, (since I was supposed to do that earlier),  then she called me to come meet her back upstairs, which I did immediately, (knowing at this point that I my 'Big Sister' was in charge),  Miss Jenn was waiting for me in the bedroom where she had taken her things and had arranged several of her implements to use on me, (some I had never tried before, nice to try something new), she scolded me some more and then sat on the bed and had me give her a foot rub, (as I had requested that we incorporate some mild 'foot worship' into our scenario), after which she had me pick out two of her implements and bring them to her before having me lower my sweatpants and go across her lap again for my second spanking of the afternoon.  Again this was a really good spanking, not too hard and not too soft., (Miss Jenn has an excellent lap for laying across, her legs are very well-toned, it was a pleasure being across them, especially as  'Over the Knee' is my favorite position),
We then went into another part of the house where she had me bend over a chair and proceeded to use a paddle and another smaller implement that really added a 'sting' to my well reddened backside by this time, (a new sensation for me, the sting on top of the paddling), before we headed back downstairs to the living room where I was once again bent over a chair while Miss Jenn used a 'leather slapper' implement on me before we sat on the couch and she gave me another paddling followed by a fantastic hand spanking.  We stayed in Character the whole time, (except for me asking to see which implements she was using occasionally), and eventually Miss Jenn had decided that her 'Little Brother' had learned his lesson and had enough.  She then stopped spanking me and applied some nice lotion to my very warm backside and proceeded to rub and massage it in, before taking me in her arms and cuddling and holding me and telling me that it was all over now and that she was done punishing me as I rested my head on her chest.

Professional Disciplinarian

The 'Aftercare' and Cuddling were particularly nice and very appreciated,  This is something a LOT of 'Professional'  Spankers or disciplinarians don't take the time to do and it really showed how caring, (as well as talented), Miss Jenn is when it comes to bringing a session to a nice close. I've been actively involved with Spanking  (as both a 'Spanker & a Spankee')  for many years and Miss Jenn is one of the very best Partners, (professional or otherwise),  I've ever been with.  It had been a few years since I last got together with anyone and Miss Jenn was / is the absolute perfect person to get together with,  She understands and gets what 'Spanking' is all about and truly seems to ENJOY it, and that's what really matters.  Someone who's not all about inflicting pain or the financial side of things, but someone who truly enjoys giving a Spanking as much as those of us enjoy receiving them.  I'm looking forward to the next time we get together, which hopefully will be sometime in the near future.  

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