Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thank you Foot Dan in Olympia, for the lovely testimonial!

I had such a great time with Foot Dan, here's more about our time together in his own words.

feet on face foot fetish

This is a foot fetish review only of my first of hopefully many foot filled adventures with Miss Jenn. I had actually seen her ad on backpage 9 months ago and responded in hopes of enticing her to visit Olympia. Sadly she did not travel this way, until recently......

Miss Jenn had an ad up on backpage that she looking to travel to Portland. I quickly emailed to see if she'd be willing to make a rest stop in Olympia on her journey south. She was open to it and the dialog began. Miss Jenn is easy to communicate with, responsive to email and very to the point about her offerings. With my agreement to her hard limits the wait began to see if her Portland trip would actually happen. Within a day or 2 she confirmed her travel dates along with instructions for a small travel deposit; my session was set. Miss Jenn did stay in contact over the coming week and a half to ensure everything for our first meeting went smoothly. Which included updates during her drive to let me know her arrival timing.

Miss Jenn arrived on time and blended right into the neighborhood as if she had been here many times before. Dressed in yoga pants and sneakers, she was the girl next door; relaxed and confident as she approached the door. She is beautiful and has that sort of school teacher/librarian sexiness and desirability. And her feet.....OMG!

I've been chasing my foot fetish for nearly 27 years and have worshiped and enjoyed 100's of feet over those years. Miss Jenn and her feet are in my Top 3 of all time. Her feet are size 9 to 9 1/2 depending on the shoe, perfectly pedicured, thinner to medium width, and an arch that is to die for. Despite the 90 minute drive to get to me, her feet were as fresh as if she had just stepped from the shower and delicious.....bon appetit.

Miss Jenn truly understands the foot fetish side of things and does enjoy having her feet worshiped. She is very interactive and can be as forceful with her feet and she feels is needed. She is especially fond of toe sucking, licking between her toes, and rubbing her soles on her worshipers face. She enjoys a firm massage of her soles and seeing how many of her toes will fit in your mouth at one time.

Miss Jenn enjoys trampling and was eager for me to lie on the floor as she stood over me and put my face beneath her soles. From this vantage point is where I was truly able to appreciate just how sexy and high her arch really is. 

In getting to know Miss Jenn as I enjoyed her feet, she mentioned that several guys had contacted her about wrestling sessions. She has done a little research on them and seemed open to them. From that we got into the topic of scissor sessions and she was open to trying some scissors on me. She is fit and athletic with tight muscular legs and for a first time scissoring anyone, she is a natural. She scissored me from several different positions and I was forced to tap on quite a few of them; not so much from the pain, but from nearly getting KO'ed. Of course when I tapped, she was quick to release as safety is a concern of hers. Looking very forward to exploring more of the scissoring side of things with her on our next visit.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! As I mentioned Miss Jenn is in my Top 3 of all time. She truly understands and appreciates the foot fetish side of things and knows just when to push the next button to keep things going to the next level.

A heads up about Miss Jenn: She is fetish only!!! That means that anything end in "job" is off the table. For those out there that are pure foot fetishists, Miss Jenn is a MUST SEE. If you are one of those guys that "thinks" you have a foot fetish but needs a release after 5 minutes of toe sucking foreplay, Miss Jenn is not for you.

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