Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Last Post in 2015

Hard to believe the wonderful year of 2015 is coming to a close. I actually had a few hours to veg out on the couch (a very rare occurrence for me & one that I very much treasure) to reflect back on the past year. I accomplished way more than I ever thought possible this last year. 

Just thinking back to the person I was on this same day one year ago, and I realize how much I've changed and grown. The people in my life this year compared to last year. Some have passed away, some I've grown a part from while others I've grown closer to, and so many new & wonderful people in my life. 

I'm sure that 2016 will be a very full and busy year. I no longer set New Years resolutions. For me, it just doesn't make sense. I'm a "do'er" not a "talker". If it can be done, it's something I truly want to do and I have the time to fit it in, it will be done. I don't need to set a resolution to motivate myself to make it happen. I also like to leave room in my life for things to come up, either good or bad that can radically alter how a year can go. An example of this could be a life changing health conditions that attacks either yourself or a close loved one. Or when looking back on this past year, I think about the fact that last year on this same day, I had no idea this underground world of adult spanking existed. If you had told me that exactly one year later I would be a very successful Professional Disciplinarian, I would have first had to google the term to find out what it was, I then would have laughed & said you must be smoking crack! It truly is a trip to think that one year ago I didn't know Spanking existed (except as parents spanking kids), and that today more than 2/3 of my life revolves around Spanking. And no, when I was a little girl I did not think I'd grow up to be a Disciplinarian, how could I when I didn't know they existed ;)

I am also just thrilled at all the wonderful spanko's who have come into my life because of this.  Just think, if all things that happened in my life this past year hadn't happened exactly as they did, if the catalyst hadn't happened which spurred all this... you never would have met me (or known of me or read this blog for those that haven't had the opportunity to meet me or talk with me yet).  The only reason that any of you have met me, is because I AM a Professional Disciplinarian. And I personally feel very thankful & blessed to have met all of you!

Just a side note that I also know for some people, resolutions are incredible life changing motivators. So for those people, I think they are great! Please let me be of any help using spanking as another motivating tool, if you think that will help...

I'd like to close off my last blog post of the year with some photos of my art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

As I head out tonight to go to a bunch of condo parties in downtown Seattle, I am filled with hope & gratitude.  Stay safe tonight, & I can't wait to give you your New Years spanking next year!

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn D.

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