Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trip Pics & Spanking Implements

Fun pics from one of my spanking trips. 

Professional Disciplinarian implements

What a great setup! Lots of furniture, imagine all the possibilities...

I brought along a few of my implements...

Gift from a client. Doesn't it look ferocious?

Out & about. 

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  1. I just read the letter about Beaver and his lust for Spanking! I too have a lust i have fought to over come going to some events and seeing some Very well know Disciplinarians I would like to stop but I honestly feel it helps me cope with stress and anger! My wife would spank me but it is just not right for me so she allows me to see Professionals and I wish they had some here but mostly I wish I could use my insurance as therapy sessions!
    Do you think giving several short 10 to 15 minute spankings really get some one like myself from wanting to be spanked ?