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Miss Jenn & The Broken Promise

Another fabulous story, this one written by "Beaver" who is a fabulous writer. I'm absolutely positive you will enjoy his story as well as the photos he selected for his work. Enjoy!



When I was 13, Miss Jenn was my favorite babysitter. She was a wonderful mix of paradoxes - beautiful yet strong, serious with a sense of humor, and strict but still very affectionate. One night, Miss Jenn called for me to come downstairs and I didn’t answer. I had my headphones in and was fixated on a pornographic movie playing on my desktop. I must have neglected to lock the door because next thing I know my headphones are jerked out of my ears and I turn to see her furious glare. She slams the computer shut, grabs my arm, and yanks me out of the chair. She scolds me, saying that she never would expect such a good little boy to be doing something so naughty. I was shocked at how quickly my affection babysitter morphed into a stern disciplinarian. Not used to her being upset with me, I begin to sob and beg for forgiveness.  As this was the first time I strayed from good behavior, Miss Jenn takes it easy on me. She makes me pinky promise to never look at porn again, warning me that doing so would result in sever punishment. Partially out of fear, but more so out of respect for her I kept that promise for many years.

13 years later, Miss Jenn had become Jennifer as she was now a friend rather than an authority figure.
I’m on my way to visit Jennifer at her hotel. She’s in town for the day and we managed to find time in our busy schedules to catch up over lunch. I knock at the door and when she answers, I am momentarily mesmerized by the sight before me. My eyes dart at her shiny black heels, slowly drifting up her long, powerful, legs. She’s wearing a short, black skirt, which tightly hugs her Amazonian figure. Her semi-transparent blouse allows a faded glimpse at the black bra supporting her firm breast; if it wasn’t for her warm familiar smile distracting my eyes, I would have been lost in her curves for hours.

"Beaver!" Jennifer shouts as she wraps her arms around my neck.

"Jennifer, you look incredible" I reply ending our embrace

She shoots me a sly smile and welcomes me into the room. We sit down on the bed for a brief chat. While we’re catching up on each others lives and sharing a few laughs about the past, I remember that our time together is limited.

"We better head out to lunch" I say as I start to stand up. Before I can take a step, Jennifer grabs my wrist and says in a tone I hadn’t heard in years "I’m sorry Beaver, but we are not going to have time for lunch today"

"Huh, is there something wrong?" I ask looking back at her with a confused smile

"Yes, Beaver, there is" now speaking in her indistinguishable authoritative tone "You’ve broken a promise, and now… I have to keep mine."


A million thoughts pour into my head ‘how could she possibly know? There’s now way. Has to be a joke.’ Instinct tells me to play coy "Broke what promise?" I reply, trying to hide the lie in smile.

"You know exactly what promise.  It doesn’t matter how I know, all that matters is that I know. I know you’ve been watching an obscene amount of porn, I know that you’ve had videos playing while driving, and I know your favorite genre is.... Spanking"

Confused, mind racing, I scramble for a worthy reply, but before I get a word out, she continues "Don’t speak, just listen. I warned you that there would be severe consequences and unlike you, I never break a promise. I may not be your babysitter, but I’m still going to teach you one more lesson. One you’ll never, EVER, forget. When you leave this room today, you will learn to respect women, and will not dare enter a porn site into your browser again”
As a huge lump builds in my throat as she continues to scold me.
“If you’re so intrigued by spanking, then maybe it’s time I give these fantasies a much needed dose of reality. Today your dreams will become your nightmare."

"Now, turn around and put your hands on your head" - I try to object "Jennifer, enough stop joki..."

"TURN AROUND!" she commands

Overwhelmed by the strong, stern voice of my former babysitter combined with the underlying guilt of my actions, I feel obliged to comply.

My nerves start to build as she slowly and confidently walks up behind me. I feel powerless as she reaches around my waist, unbuckles my belt, and slides my pants and briefs down to my ankles. ‘why can't I force her to stop?’ I ask myself ‘Do I want her to?’ She backs up and I hear her black heels clacking as she paces my behind me, observing my backside like an artist staring at a blank canvas. She approaches my left side placing one hand on my abdomen while the other firmly grabs my ass. I’m beginning to feel genuine fear and make one last attempt to gain control -"Jennifer, I won’t let yo..." - SLAP! – my words trail off as her right hand strikes like a viper across my right butt cheek, sending a wave of chills from the point of impact expanding out across my entire body. She puts her lips up to my ear - "Miss Jenn" she whispers - SLAP! - a second strike connects perfectly on the opposite cheek - "For the next 90 minutes, you will call me Miss Jenn"

Miss Jenn steps back and sits on the couch. "Pull up your briefs, finish taking off your shoes and pants, fold them nicely in the corner, then walk over here and stand next to me."

As I walk toward her my heart beats faster with each step. When I arrive at her side my eyes lock on her cleavage and I can’t help but imagine them in my hands. She must sense the distraction as she tells me to turn around while she explains the punishment she has planned.
"Your punishment will be given in phases, how many phases will be completely at my discretion. Each phase will be ~7-15 minutes long and will consist of spanks of similar intensity with the frequency increasing each minute” – as she’s lecturing, I feel her fingers massaging my plump butt cheeks as if she's searching for my most tender areas – “At the end of a phase, I will test you to see if the naughty boy is still in control. If you pass – your punishment is over – Fail and your bottom will not find peace until I am convinced the naughty boy has been expelled and you are ready to commit to giving up porn for life. Now, turn around." She takes my hands and stares deeply into my eyes “You’re in this situation because you’ve been a naughty boy. I want you to be completely aware of what happens to naughty boys. Naughty boys get spanked. And you – Beaver – are about to be spanked… severely” there’s a frightening seriousness in her delivery of that last line.

 “Now, over my knee young man” – she seizes my arm and guides my body across her lap – the brief visual of her powerful, threatening, inviting thighs sends my neurons into overload. My entire body feels a tantalizing sensation of fear, excitement, and arousal. She gently scratches her nails against my brief-covered bottom, raising the anticipation of what’s to come. She instructs me to set the timer for 7 minutes – and as soon as I do - I feel Miss Jenn’s left arm reach over the middle of my back forcefully grabbing my side, holding me firmly in place. TAP..... her fingers lightly snaps on my outer cheek TAP.....  I begin to enjoy the feeling when.. - SLAP! - her firm hand cracks sharply off my bottom and leaves a piercing sting in its place TAP.....TAP.....SLAP!  she strikes on my other cheek –  TAP.....TAP.....SLAP! – each flick of her wrist carries a fierce bite and as each minute passes her frequency increases – TAP…TAP...SLAP!, TAP…TAP...SLAP! – both cheeks begin to maintain a constant sting, which is becoming more prevalent as she rhythmically continues spanking me. She pauses for a moment to peek at the clock – “3 minutes left, hang on tight naughty boy” – she snags the top of my waistband and yanks back my briefs exposing my bare-bottom. She tightens the grip on my body to counter my squirms in her lap – TAP..TAP..SLAP! – the increased sharpness of skin to skin contact make me yelp – TAP.TAP.SLAP! TAP.TAP.SLAP! – I feel the warmth of my soft, pale skin that is now turning a bright shade of pink. As the final minute approaches, her body repositions itself to unleash its rath upon my ass - SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! – as I attempt to wiggle free she clenches my body even tighter, “HOLD STILL!” she screams as her lightning strikes continue to rain down- SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! – I squeeze her ankles and cry out “MISS JENN, PLEASE STO…” –  SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! – “Ding!” the timer signals my stinging agony is over. As she gradually ceases the spanking, I feel the heat radiating from my swelling globes. While I’m relieved it’s over, I feel a sense of euphoria as I lay there – freshly punished - on her lap.
Miss Jenn pulls up my briefs and helps me to my feet.
“ Beaver, tell me why I just spanked you?” she asks
“Because, I’ve been a naughty boy…” I reply shamefully
“Correct. Naughty boys get spanked. Now, let's test if that naughty boy is still in control. I want you to have an adult conversation with me, keeping eye contact the entire time. If your eyes peek my cleavage, my hips, my thighs, or my legs, we will know we have failed”

I take a seat next to her on the couch and remind myself to keep focus on her eyes as the testing begins. The conversation is starting off well, she asks about my first spanking and I tell her that it was great but I’m certainly not looking for another. We both laugh. I feel a glimmer of hope until she asks me seductively,
"You gave me a pretty strong stare down at my door, what were you looking at? Certainly not my eyes.” – she say with an evil smile – “was it my long, smooth legs?" – I sense her rubbing her legs together seductively but fight to hold contact with her eyes – “No, Miss Jenn” I answer –  “No? Then it must have been my firm, supple breast.” she moves her hands up her midriff and cups her breast upward – I can't fight it, her pushed up cleavage draws my gaze like a magnet – "Test failed!" she snaps, her seductive tone turns stern once more.

“Stand up, naught boy” – she commands as she positions herself to take me back across her knee – "After this next phase, Beaver, my hand will ruin any future fantasies you have about spanking"

PUNISHMENT PHASE II: My Fantasy, Her Reality

As I again find myself standing over Miss Jenn’s awaiting lap, she looks up at me – “We won’t be needing these anymore” –  running her fingernails down the sides of my abs until she catches the sides of my waistband and tugs my briefs down to my ankles. I’m completely nude, vulnerable, and pray I can stall the blood rushing to my penis.
Without warning she grabs my arm and jerks me across her lap. My hardening member landing tightly between her thighs. I feel myself beginning to firm – “Oh don’t you worry about that” – she says as she starts to rub my outer cheek in a circular motion – “Just set that timer to 15 minutes, I’ll take care of the rest” – I take a big gulp as she torques he waist, leveraging her entire body as her arm flies through the air – SPANK!! – her hand comes crashing down causing a mini earthquake on the surface of my right butt cheek. She leaves me just enough time to let this new pain sink in before winding up again – SPANK!! – I moan as a shockwave of chills shoots through my entire body. “This is what YOU wanted, Beaver!” she scolds between swings – SPANK!! – “This is a REAL spanking!” – SPANK!! – “This was YOUR fantasy!” – SPANK!! – “Welcome to MY reality! – SPANK!! – she cleanly lands 6 severe spanks in the first minute, each one harder than the last. As she picks up speed, I grab hold of her ankle and bite my lip – SPANK!! – “This is..”  – SPANK!! –“..what..”– SPANK!! – “..happens..” – SPANK!! –“” – SPANK!! – “..Naughty..”– SPANK!! –“..Boys!”– SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!

I hold back tears and try to think of anything other than the intense fire igniting on my behind. In her fury, Miss Jenn slightly loosens her thighs so I transfer all my focus to the feeling of my sensitive head rubbing against her amazing skin. Just as I feel a moment of pleasure, she also feels it as well and briefly stops her tirade. She glares down at me – “This is NOT happening. Not on my lap!” – she crosses her ankles and lifts her legs so that her muscles grip my penis tighter than ever - SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!! , SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!!, SPANK!! – my erection quickly subsides and for the next 5 minutes she doesn’t waste a single breath scolding me, all her energy is reserved towards spanking me into the most submissive state of my entire life.
When the timer dings, Miss Jenn orders me to stand as she look me up and down. As she glances over my deflated penis she cracks a satisfied grin as if proud that her spanking prowess has subdued my massive erection. She orders me into the corner with my briefs still dangling around my ankles. As I walk over I catch a glimpse of my now ruby red, glowing bottom. Before I have a chance to tend to my wounds I hear her heels clacking on the floor behind me. She presses her body inches away from my back and begins running her fingernails over my inflamed flesh – “Now that was a real spanking?” – she laughs –“Not as fun as you thought it’d be?” - I shake my head no. She giggles – “Pull up your briefs I think you’re ready for your test.” – We sit on the couch and I stare intently into her eyes, determined not to fail. She reiterates the reason why I’m being spanked, reminding me of my crimes - “I want you to understand, I’m not doing this to break you. I’m doing this to free you of the naughty boy who’s holding back your potential. My goal today is to spank that naughty boy out of existence, so that when you leave here, you leave 100% the good confident gentleman I know you are. Do you think that naughty boy is gone?” – I nod my head yes – “Good, but we have to be certain” – she replies as I let my guard down at the thought of this ordeal being over – “You did worry me there for a minute, when your hard member was locked between my warm silky thighs, pulsating up and down with each spank” – I swallow hard at her antagonizing words, but keep eye contact. She draws her hands down in between her thighs and I can tell she’s simulating the squeeze should just performed on me – “like this..” – she says, gesturing to her thighs seductively. Without thinking, I glance down at the tight vice grip of the shapely figures that had defeated my erection just moments ago. “Tsk Tsk” before I realize what I had done she sways her finger in front of my face disapprovingly –“Looks like there’s some naughty boy left after all.”

She grabs a bag of implements and sits back down on the couch. She pulls out a hairbrush, taps it on her thighs and takes a few practice swings – “Hurry over, Beaver. We don’t have all day and I’m determined to purge that naughty boy from you” – she says before quickly pulling me across her lap, securing my penis back into its cage between her thighs. She lightly presses the cold, hard face of her weapon on top of my sore, hot cheeks – introducing me to this new extension of her arm. She reaches down to grab my chin, pulling my eyes toward her – “This will not be fun for you. Your naughty boy will be punished. You know you need this.” She says with a caring but stern tone. She gestures for me to start the timer for 10 minutes.
SNAP! the hard surface stingingly ricochets off my outer cheek – SMACK!! - it lands again on the same cheek this time with a thud so powerful that it sends a jolt up my spine forcing a single tear to run down my face. SNAP! – SMACK!!, SNAP! – SMACK!! – I reach back in an attempt to protect my sore, reddening bottom, between swings Miss Jenn seizes my wrist and plants it firmly behind my back. - SNAP! – SMACK!!, SNAP! – SMACK!!, SNAP! – SMACK!!, SNAP! – SMACK!!

unused to this extraordinary sting on my bare-bottom, I kick my legs violently and cry out “Miss Jenn, Please, Please, I’ve learned my lesson.” – she stops swinging and for a second I believe she’s shown mercy. But then she wraps her right leg on top of mine, giving her complete control of the target area “I’m sorry Beaver, but you haven’t yet! – she inhales and - SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP!, SNAP! – she unleashes a fury of stings, and as painful as they are I know what’s coming next – SMACK!!, SMACK!!, SMACK!!, SMACK!!, SMACK!!, SMACK!!, SMACK!! – this series of powerful, blistering spanks prove too much for me to handle as tears are streaming down my face. Arm disabled behind my back, body firmly grasped by her thighs.


I’m helpless as she unleashes a hell fire storm down on my darkening buttocks, putting me through the most painful 10 minutes I’ve ever experienced.
When she finally lets me up, I gasp in horror as I notice that even in the face of the severe bottom-blistering she just gave me, I have somehow achieved a powerful erection. I try to preemptively plead with her – “Miss Jenn, Please, It’s not my fault”- I’m backing up now, cowering away from her. She stands up – “Of course it’s not.” - she says with an evil smile - “It’s that naughty little boy inside of you” – I start to whimper – “However, this does mean we will need the strength of my paddle to rid this persistent naughtiness  from you”
She quickly approaches me and grabs my ear, dragging me with her as she marches toward the bathroom. She turns on the shower, then turns back to me. “I want your final paddling to be between me and your bottom. So get rid of it” – she says sternly – “and don’t you dare leave a single trace.” – she walks out, leaving me alone with my erection and fiery bottom.
Embarrassed and ashamed I obey her commands. In less than a few minutes my arousal is completely drained allowing the guilt to rush over me. I clean any trace of my presence and stand at the door, terrified for what awaits me on the other side.

PUNISHMENT PHASE IV – Paddle Reconciliation

I walk out of the bathroom to see Miss Jenn sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, holding a thick, wooden paddle. It’s covered in meticulously drilled holes for optimal aerodynamics. I can hear the weight of it as she taps it on her palm. “Come here, Beaver” – she says, pointing down next to her. My legs shake with each step I take toward her. She continues brandishing her paddle – “There will be nothing sensual about this spanking, Beaver. I am going to expel that naughty boy, with a Long, Hard, Disciplinary paddling. With each painful swing, you will begin to force out every naughty thought that you have let control you.” – she opens up her lap to welcome me – “Into position, Beaver” – I hesitantly prop myself over her lap – “Here we go…” – she places the paddle atop my buttocks, taking aim, she lifts the paddle into the air and swings her mighty arm – WHACK!!! – she hits her target with extreme precision and without the shielding glow of arousal, I feel every square centimeter screaming in pain – WHACK!!! – as my other cheek feels the indescribable sting of her paddle – “Remove those thoughts Beaver, this won’t end until you do! WHACK!!! – I whimper, squirm, and kick desperately wishing for it to end WHACK!!! – she fights to take control of my flailing body and in one smooth motion she wraps her left arm under my abs, leans back on the bed, and swings her right leg around capturing my kicks in a leg-lock – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – her paddle cracks down repeatedly on my poor, defenseless bottom. Unable to fight it any longer, I sob into the pillow as she continues to cleanse me of every lustful, pornographic thought inside my mind – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – I cry and cry as her spanks revert me back to the 13 yr old boy she used to babysit - WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – “Miss Jenn, Please!, Please!, I’ll be a good boy” I shout, ashamed of my submission - WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – as she beats me again and again, I reach a moment of clarity: Miss Jenn never had any intention of fulfilling my fantasies, I was naughty – for real – and she knew I needed to be punished – for real.
Finally understanding why I was here, I dig my face into the bed and take the punishment I deserve…
WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –– WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –– WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –– WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –– WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –– WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! – WHACK!!! –- WHHHAAACCCKKK!!!!! - WHHHAAACCCKKK!!!!!

The immense pain of her final two swings release all remaining traces of the naughty thoughts that were with me when I approached her door step – “Miss Jenn, he’s gone” – I cry quietly – “the naughty boy is gone”. She rests the paddle at her side and gently rubs my tortured rear – “Shh, shh, I know, I know” – she leans down close to my face and whispers – “This next round is for you… to free you of the guilt of the past and serve as a deterrent for the future” – my eyes widen and for the next 5 minutes, she imprints the painful sting of her hand – into my bottom – forever.

OTK spanking
Sore. Very sore.
I lay on a towel on top of the bed as she applies a cool soothing cream on my burning rump. I don’t know if it’s the endorphins, or the magic of her gentle touch but a new series of emotion flood over me. Through the soreness, I feel Happy. Gratified. Serene. As she affectionately tickles and scratches my back like she did all those years ago, there is no place else I would rather be. After about 10 minutes she runs her nails through my hair, and whispers to me in a caring voice “Beaver, promise me that the next time I’m in town, lunch will be the only thing on our agenda.” – she raises her pinky up and I grasp it with my own – “I promise, Miss Jenn”.
I get dressed and welcome one final embrace from Miss Jenn, then walk out of the door feeling every bit the good, confident, gentleman she hoped I could be.

It’s 4-months later and life following my visit with Miss Jenn has been nothing short of a success. I’m happily dating again and have had a clear to head to focus on my career and relationships. Other than a few phone and email sessions I have had no need for a second round Miss Jenn’s firm discipline. I have kept my promise. However, every so often when I’m alone I rub my bottom – feeling the lasting ghost-sting left by my stern, caring babysitter.


 (I Hope…)


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