Wednesday, December 23, 2015

End of The Year Donations

It's the time of the year again, when many people want to make donations to a charity, either for tax purposes or because of a strong desire to help those in need.  People who know me, and my extensive social services background, tend to come to me for suggestions on good organizations to donate to. These are a few of the organizations I have worked with over the years.  Listed in no particular order:

The Special Olympics
This is a way for people with intellectual disabilities to get involved in sports, excel at something, become active in their community, and at the very least have a lot of fun!

Shared Hope
U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith (from Washington State) founded Shared Hope International to fight sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation .  She also wrote the book "Renting Lacy".

The Red Cross
Although the Red Cross does a lot of things, I can't say enough good stuff about their disaster services program.

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