Thursday, December 10, 2015

How Applying To See a Disciplinarian is Similar to Rushing a Sorority or Fraternity


I think a lot of time when people think of seeing a disciplinarian, they think it's the same as buying a burger at McDonald's.  Anybody who hands over the required money at McD's, gets the burger.  That is absolutely NOT the what happens when you see a Disciplinarian, and definitely not me.  You can't just say "I'm planning on throwing $400 your way, so let's get started".  That's not how it works.

It's actually much more similar to trying to get in to a sorority/fraternity in the Greek system in college.  I'll go with the sorority analogy since I'm a woman & was in a sorority. Each house can only accept a certain amount of new girls, which is different every year depending on how many seniors graduated, leaving space for new girls.  Say your house can hold 100 girls, if you have 70 girls already in the house, that leaves 30 open spots for new girls.  Thousands of girls go through rush every year, and my house if I remember correctly would usually get about 100-150 girls applying for those 30 spots.  So how does a house get to those 30 girls?  First many weed themselves out which is very helpful.  You'll have some that decide living in a sorority is too expensive.  At my University it was the same price as the dorms, but other options might be to find shared housing in an older home near campus, commuting from the suburbs or living with your parents.  You might decide you don't like the application process.  Rushing a sorority is definitely a lot more work (and way more stressful, but also quite exciting) than getting into the dorms or getting an apartment. You might decide that living in a communal situation is just not for you, you'd prefer to live alone in an apartment. You quietly drop out and pursue another housing option that better suits your personality.

Door Chants - I used to hate having to practice these at 6 am.  Seriously who are these people who are that peppy at the butt crack of dawn???

Once these people have weeded themselves out, now the seriousness (and fun) of Rush begins! It's a series of parties/receptions & events held over a week long period.  Both sides evaluate the other side.  How would this new girl fit into our house?  How would I as the rushee like living in this house, with these particular girls? So for example, your house might host a large reception and the rushees would mingle with the girls in the house, every 5 minutes the rushees would remain seated and the girls in the house would switch spots, therefore making it possible that every rushee got to meet at least 3 girls in the house.  Then at the end of the day, everyone in the house would discuss the rushee's and how well they would fit into the house.  "Who all met Cynthia E?"  At least 3 girls would raise their hands, some might mention that they went to high school with her, etc. Now once in a while you'd get someone that was rude & that would be an easy "NO", but overall the majority of the girls were really GREAT!  So how do you chose between a bunch of really great girls?  It's tough. If you met 10 rushees that day, you'd probably advocate for 1-2 that you thought were really spectacular.  But yeah there'd be a lot of discussion about who would make the best fit.  Some of the discussions went a bit like this.

"Beth seemed real nice, but she did have some concerns about our rule about no boys being allowed above the 1st floor, she & her boyfriend have been together for 5 years now and she says he's used to spending the night. She's very smart & sure is fun, but this could end up being a problem"

"Laura is a girl I am friends with from high school but she's always been a big partier. She was already joking with me about how we'd be sneaking alcohol into the house.  I told her that we don't allow alcohol in the house because if anything ever happened (fire, etc) the insurance won't cover the loss if they find alcohol on the premises, but she won't take me seriously.  She is always the life of the party, so she's a fun gal, but I do have a some concerns."

"I met Jessica and Veronica today.  I'd be happy if we chose either of them.  Jessica has a part time job working for the Court, she's got a 3.6 GPA, she was on the debate team in high school, and she's a gymnast.  Veronica is  super sweet, found out she's from my home town, she volunteers at the local animal shelter, she works as a tutor, and she has lived in Japan, Germany, and Mexico so she knows 4 languages.  I really wish both of them could live here!!!!"

"I met Myisha and Sara today, and think they'd both fit in here really well.  Can't say enough good stuff about either of them.  Myisha did seem a tad more enthusiastic about wanting to live in our house."

There were a ton of considerations going into these decisions.  We wanted the people we chose to end up being successful in the sorority and enjoying it, as when a girl realized that it wasn't a good fit  or was asked to leave and ended up leaving in the middle of the year, this was really hard & ended up hurting everyone that was involved.  For example, one of the requirements for remaining in the sorority was that you had to maintain a certain GPA, you had to do volunteer commitments around the house, as well as do an enormous amount of philanthropy work.  So if someone was coming in with a low GPA, even if we liked them, we had to consider that they might not make it & if her grades dropped then be asked to leave the house.  So that might be a factor in ruling out a girl.  Also not everyone has the time (or drive/commitment) to be able to keep up with the amount of philanthropy work that was a requirement.  Again the questions we had to keep asking ourselves was: Will she be able to handle the rules and requirements we have? Will she be successful here?  Will she enjoy being a part of our sisterhood?  I can name at least two of my besties that I would honestly have to answer "no" to a bunch of those questions.  So what that means is that even if someone is my best friend, that doesn't mean that they would have been a good fit for my sorority.  Doesn't mean that I love them any less, they are my best friends of course... I've got 3 besties and I just told you 2 of them would never have made it in my sorority.

It's the same thing with when you come to see me.  You may decide it's too expensive. Seeing a disciplinarian is not a cheap adventure, most of us have around the same rates, but it's still pricey.  And each person can set their own rates.  A person who does this full time, may have to lower her rates possibly to bring in the amount of hours she is looking for.  Someone else who is not as popular, again, may have to lower her rates.  If on the other hand the person only wants to see one client a month, well, who knows, she may end up charging double or triple what the rest of us charge.

You may decide you don't like the application process or paying a deposit.  Perfectly fine, I have no problem with this, I wish you the best in you search.  You are doing me a favor in narrowing down the list of people that I have to screen and make the tough choice in deciding who I should approve and who sadly I have to decline.

You may decide that seeing a disciplinarian, someone who is strict, is truly not what you desire.  You like the fantasy of it, just not the reality.  You may also come to the realization that getting a spanking is painful, and that a spanking in your fantasy is much better than the real deal.  You may also realize that seeing a Pro is not for you, you really want the lifestyle experience.  I suggest joining a spanking group in your local area or perhaps posting a personal ad in the FetLife section for your city.  I truly wish the best for you!

Seeing a Pro is definitely NOT for everyone!  If that is you, I'm happy for you, no need to complain or try to convince me otherwise.  Just move on to someone else, easy as that!  Same with my application process.  If you don't like it, arguing with me about it, is NOT going to make me change my process, all it does is make you seem like an entitled little child and my practice is to work with 18+ adults only.  You have a choice, nobody is forcing you to see me.  If you want to see me, you go through the application process,  If you don't like my application process, you see someone else.  End of story.

Also the screening process does not start with the application or phone screen, it starts with the very first point of contact I get from you - your initial email and every email thereafter.  If anything I see in any of those emails might hint at an anger management problem, you act entitled, high maintenance, or just that we have very different personalities or interests, I may end up having decline to your application.  But honestly, I rarely hear from rude people, so typically it's just that there is either not enough interests in common, or that someone else is a better fit.

Think about it, if you had two people who wanted to see you but you could only chose one, who would it be?  Person A, is super excited to see you, telling you he is going to work on your application as soon as he gets home from work.  He turns in the application, and thanks you for your thoroughness, he really enjoyed the questions and it got him excited about the possibility of sessioning with you. He gives you various dates/times that he can be available for a phone screen, says he's looking forward to hearing your voice. You have a great phone call, he's easy to talk to, it doesn't sound like you are pulling teeth or that he's hiding anything when you ask him questions.  He even asks if he can bring you a little token of appreciation.  Person B on the other hand, starts off ok, sending you a very typical first email, so you respond to that.  But quickly things go downhill.  He sends you a million emails before you can respond.

9am "Where are you located?"
9:10am "I also want you to kick me in the nutts.  And if you kick me in the nutts while wearing a clown costume and juggling tangarines, even better"
9:50am "Actually I changed my mind about the clown costume.  I do have a clown fetish (really I do, please have clown make up on, I think that is soooooo hot & dirty), now I want you to be naked.  Will you kick me in the balls, with clown make up on, all while being naked and juggling tangerine's????"
11am "???????"
12pm "Hello?  You haven't responded to me yet!"
12:10pm "Ok what can I do to convince you to do this clown thing? hello?"
2:10pm  "MISS JENN, YOU ARE BEING SOOOO RUDE!!!  The least you could do is respond.  You know you are probably not as pretty as your photos.  I bet your photos are fake, and you are an old hag."

So person B has not bothered to fill out my application, has sent me a million emails, sometimes 3 in a row before I can even respond to one, has rudely requested services that I do not provide and has just become "that annoying person" that we've all had to deal with all one point in time.  Now if you work for McDonalds, you do have to put up with this person, if you are me, you very luckily do not have to ever hear or see this person, you can block any future emails, and hopefully just find amusement out of the sheer craziness of the situation.

Just a side note, if you inquire about services that I do not provide, in a polite way, I have no problems with this.  Such as:

"Miss Jenn, I have read your website and know that you only do spanking & foot fetish, and spanking is my all time favorite thing!!!!  I have some really cool implements that I'd love to show you.  Of course I'll be in heaven if you are spanking me, and I know you don't do these other things but just thought I'd mention them in case you had any curiosity or wanted to try something new during our upcoming session but here are a few things that I like:  juggling tangerines, I have a clown fetish (I know it must seem strange but I'd be happy to share more about this if you are curious), and if you happen to wear a really short skirt I'd be thrilled cause I've seen pics of those legs of yours, however if you showed up in a garbage bag that covered you from head to toe, I'd still enjoy that."

If you mention your "other" interests in a polite way, even if I know for sure that I will not do them (needle play, wax play), I will still look forward to meeting you to give you the spanking that you so rightly deserve.  And if you are a "newbie" to the spanking scene, I will be happy to answer your legitimate questions or concerns.

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