Monday, December 14, 2015

Edward's Testimonial on Phone Sessions

Thank you Edward for the lovely testimonial! Here it is in his own words:

As someone who has over the past 40+ year been on the receiving end of many spankings I can tell you in all that time, with each and every spanking, there were the memories of all these over the knee adventures. Memories that were kept alive but locked up deep inside me. Not surprisingly, every now and then, when alone, I would remember and recount within my minds eye, many of these and in the most vivid, detailed way. I can honestly say not a single Lady who had ever put me over her knee, was forgotten, good or bad. Each were important. But recently I learned something I was completely unaware, memories need to be shared. Unfortunately my proclivity for having my bottom bared and being put over a knee for a good sound spanking, is not something you can just tell your partner or closest friend. Such is our lot, that something we so need and desire, something for the most part, we so enjoy, can not just be shared. I would guess all of us spankophiles have kept these memories sadly, buried deep inside.

That is until recently when I came across Miss Jenn. While I have not as yet been lucky enough to find myself over Miss Jenn's beautiful Lap ( a place I have no doubt I will be sooner than later) for the spanking I need and deserve. I have availed myself to speaking with her regularly.

It is during these conversations I have been able to share so much. Not only these long buried memories ( which just come gushing out ) but so much more. We have talked about how far back my spanking desires go. Possible reasons as to what triggered this desire to have my bottom blistered regularly by strong no nonsense women. We have spoke about the sensuality of my spankings as well as my desire to have a strong woman disciplinarian in my life and why these Lady's tend to become long-term friends as well as my disciplinarians.

What was most surprising to me was how unburdened I have become during these conversations. How much fun it is to have Miss Jenn to share all this with. It seems the more I share with her, the more I want to say. Recently I even told her that speaking with her, was as much fun as actually being with her to begin our own spanking memories. Spanking memories I have no doubt we will begin as soon as the geographical distance that has kept us apart is closed. And because of our regular talks, when we do meet face to face for the first time, it will be so much more, because we will have shared so much during these many talks. It will be as if I am on the receiving end of a good sound spanking being administered by a dear friend , one I know and trust. Oh, and less I forget, Miss Jenn shares so much of herself during our calls. She gives as well as takes.

While each of us may have these long held desires for discipline, and some of us may even have had the pleasure /pain that comes with being given a good sound spanking. I doubt many of us have been so fortunate to actually get to spend some time getting to know the Lady whose beautiful lap we so willingly go across for the spanking we deserve. So all in all, for whatever reason you may have for not being able to see Miss Jenn, consider giving yourself a Christmas gift of getting to know her via your phone. I promise you will not regret it and if you do, I also would bet that after you speak, the next step of actually getting to physically meet her for the spanking we all deserve, won't be far off. Talk about a win/win! So get off your naughty bottom and give it a try.

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