Sunday, August 4, 2019

What's happening with Philly?

So I realize that some of you are wondering what's happening with my possible Philadelphia trip.  If it happens it will only happen if the trip is sponsored & the person sponsoring the trip is the hold up.  Not his fault, he's actually a very good friend of mine but dealing with some health stuff that recently came up.  We normally do the Miss Jenn Experience every time he sees me & we had planned to do that in Philly. But now we are unsure what he'd be able to do, and waiting to find out when his situation will improve. I don't want to make plans then find out that when I come to town, he won't be able to do anything we plan :( Hence the reason, that trip is still "on hold".  Don't worry, this is something he will DEFINITELY recover from (yay!!!) but we don't know if that will be next week, next month, or in 6-months from now.  If he recovers soon, the trip will be on!!!

Wishing my friend a very SPEEDY & healthy recovery!


  1. I've had many a dream of getting spanked by Miss Davis

  2. Can you describe the Miss Jean Experience in a blog?

    1. Sure, here you go:

  3. GREAT PIC of look like the 'big sister' I wish I had growing up! AHHHH.....The Fantasies of her spanking her 'naughty little brother' TOO MUCH FUN! i'm SURE you'd have enjoyed being an 'Older Sister' and having a younger brother to spank when need be ;) I hope your friend gets better and recovers from whatever he has, I'm sure he will.