Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spanking Scene They Left Out of "The Intern"

One of my clients that I do phone sessions with, is quite the writer.  After reading my blog post about The Intern he wrote a screenplay for the spanking scene they left out ;)  So here it is...

The Robert DeNiro character (Ben) is a family friend of the Anne Hathaway Character (Jules), he's one of her father's old friends and has known her for years since she was a little girl.  He goes to work for her company and finds out that she's being too bossy and really is rude to her employees. He comes over to her place, (a nice expensive condo that she owns), to talk and catch up on things.  While he's there he takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves.......seeing this, Jules starts to get butterflies in her stomach since that's what her dad would do when he was about to spank her!  Ben proceeds to tell her that he thinks she's being too hard on her employees and is treating them badly and that he's had enough of what he's seen so far, (since he's only been there a few days), she doesn't understand and says she's doing the best she can as Ben stands up,  takes her by the hand and starts to briskly march her into the bedroom, (as she GULPS seeing him stand up and how forceful he is, suddenly feeling very much like a naughty little girl about to get punished.....), he promptly sits on the bed and pulls her over his knee before she has a chance to react.......she squeels and says......STOP......WHAT ARE YOU he lifts up her skirt and she feels his hands starting to tug her white lace panties down to her knee's.  She's no match for him as his left arm across her back is holding her firmly in place as he raises his right hand and proceeds to blister her backside as she squeels and struggles uselessly, kicking her legs to no effect.  Memories of spankings she received as a child come flooding back as he relentlessly scolds her and tans her bottom good.  Finally finishing he stands her up and marches her back into the living room where he makes her stand in the corner with her skirt up while he goes into the kitchen and gets something to drink before coming back and sitting on the couch and putting on the TV all the while admiring his 'handiwork' (Pun intended), as Jules stands in the corner with her dark red bottom on display.......hardly like the 33 yr. old executive she is at the she quietly cries in the corner hoping that her punishment is over.  

After what seems like hours, (to her), but is only about 10 minutes he lets her out of the corner and has her come sit on his lap,  (her panties long gone, as she kicked them off in the bedroom when she was over his knee), he hugs her and rubs her back and tells her it's alright, he just had to make sure that she learns she has to treat people better at the office.  She puts her head on his shoulder and wipes the tears from her eyes  as his hands rub her back and her bottom and wander over her thighs and touch her all over.  He see's that she's aroused and with his fingers brings her to a monstrous orgasm as she cuddles against him and puts her arms around his neck and grips him tightly.  

She falls asleep still sitting on his lap and he carries her into the bedroom and tucks her in and lets himself out and goes home.  The next day at the office she blushes deeply when she see's him as he says 'Good Morning, hope you slept well'  causing the other employees to look at each other and wink knowing that this new guy 'The Intern' had somehow put their boss in her place.........;)  

End of the 1st 'Spanking Scene' they left out. 

Thank you B for the writing such a great spanking scene.  Interested in discussing spanking stories, spanking cartoons, and more?  Let's talk SPANKING in a phone session or email session.

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