Thursday, October 15, 2015

Closed To New Clients In Seattle

As previously mentioned, I have stopped taking on new clients in Seattle until November 23rd, 2015. During that time frame I will be quite busy with various activities in my personal life and my "vanilla" job will be taking priority.

If you are a current phone or real time client, no need to worry you can still meet me for real time sessions.  Although my time will be more limited than it normally is, when I do have time, you will be my #1 priority since we already have an established relationship.

Some exceptions:

  • If you are a new client who lives or will be in the L.A. area & wants to session with me Oct 22-26th. More info here
  • I will be accepting new clients for phone, text, or email sessions during this time.  And when I re-open to new clients for real-time sessions, you will have first priority to see me
What this also means is that if you are not a current client and your email does not mention "phone, text, or email session" then more than likely I won't have time to answer your email until sometime in November.

Looking forward to seeing you around Thanksgiving *Gobble, Gobble* for a TurkeyDaySpank. Till then you are to CALL ME FOR A PHONE SESSION!

Miss Jenn Davis

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