Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thank You For The Fabulous Review, C!

I really like what C says about spanking being like a dance, that is so true. Thank you C, for the fabulous review!

My bottom still hurts. This is a good thing. Know that sound when a hairbrush meets a pale butt? The sound halfway between a splat and a slap? Last night on too many occasions to count that noise was followed by a variety of exclamations: from me several very loud "OWW!" and from the lovely Miss Jenn many sounds of delight. She was enjoying blisstering my rear end as much as I was enjoying it. Spanking is like dancing - it is a back and forth between two people, and exchange many things--words, energy, the occasional plea for leiniency. Jenn is a very good dancer. In fact, it's pretty simple: if you need a spanking and you have an opportunity to see Jenn, you should. Period. End of story. I look forward to many more times over her shapely legs. In fact, I'm sure I deserve a repeat performance of last night, since as I was on my knees, I tried to sneek a peek up her short skirt. But really, if you saw her, you wouldn't blame me. 

-- C

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