Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thank You For The Testimonial, Chris

Thank you for the lovely testimonial, Chris. We had such a fun session, it was the highlight of my day!

Miss Jenn is amazing!  From the moment you have your phone interview after answering her basic questionnaire you notice that she has a very sensual voice and that is she is a very warm and caring person. When you finally meet her, you realize she is even more beautiful than you ever imagined!  You then discuss your expectations and the nature of the session.  In my case it was a role playing session that was just scripted enough for context but not too much to be in the way of a creative session.  You then find yourself on the receiving end of a very firm discipline session that blows you away in how intense and wonderful it is.  I reached subspace multiple times. She uses more implements than you can keep track of and uses them all very effectively.  At times, in certain positions, all you see are her high heels coming towards you and you know that you are just getting started!  By the time you are done, your dream scenario has come true and you can't believe what has happened.  She will help you craft a session that meets your specific needs.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome session!  You will be sore for awhile afterwards but you won't regret it.  I will definitely be booking another session!

- Chris

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