Monday, October 26, 2015

John's Punishment, A Spanking Story

I received an email from *John saying that he had a story he wanted to share with me and that it would be fine to post on my blog.  What a great story, here it is in John's own words:

-Johns Punishment-

"John, get in here right now young man, and bring your wooden spoon", Miss Lisa yelled up the stairs. She was furious with John for his blatant disobedience and will defiance in breaking Her rules. John had been told time and time again pornography was not permitted in Her house.
John came down the stairs with a large, oval headed wooden spoon. It was his punishment spoon that Miss Lisa had bought him last month - about 15 inches long with a wide, flat head. It was made for spanking naughty bare bottoms. Johns mom always used the wooden spoon on him as a boy. He had very distinct memories of the spoon soundly spanking down on his poor bare bottom for disobedience.
Miss Lisa was beautiful. She wore a form fitting pencil skirt, high heels, black seamed stockings and a tight white blouse that was unbuttoned half way down. Her womanly cleavage was showing just a bit. Miss Lisa wore her hair up and pulled back. She looked exquisitely feminine but stern and strict ready for business.
"John, what have I told you about bringing porn into my house, mister" she said, angrily. Miss Lisa showed John the magazine she found under his bed. It was called PAWGS (Phat Assed White Girls). John had a female bottom fetish - wide, large and big bottoms always attracted John. All his life he liked to loom at full, round bottoms like Kim Kardashian type ladies. On the cover was a woman with a large, round derierre. "Do you know how much trouble you are in?, she said. "What did I say would happen if I caught you with porn, John?"
John looked down. He was very ashamed. "I would get a bare bottom spanking, Miss Lisa?" John said. "Yes, john, now take down your pants and underwear, you are going over my knee this instant.", she said.
John dropped his pants and underwear as Miss Lisa sat down. His arousal was self evident - his penis was very large and hard. Miss Lisa looked down and scolded john. "What is this? Young man by the time I'm through with you will have trouble sitting for a week. I'm going to make that erection disappear. Come here, now"
Miss Lisa took john over her knees and picked up the spoon. She rubbed the wood all over his bottom as she adjusted john so his bare cheeks were ready for a spanking. She raised the spoon and brought it down HARD. "You will not bring dirty magazines in my house young again, is that clear?"
The wooden spoon felt like fire on John's tender bottom. It fell over and over again. Hard, solid smacks whapping down again and again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK , SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. With each spank Miss Lisa scolded john for being a very bad, naughty disobedient boy.
John began to grimace a wiggle and grind atop her lap. This just made Miss Lisa spank harder, covering johns backside with large, red welts. The spankings were firm and sound, covering every inch of his backside.  After 10 minutes Miss Lisa told john to get off her lap.
"John, I want you to stand in the corner , with your nose to the wall, and think about your behavior , mister. I will be back in a minute. I need to find my hairbrush."
John was escorted to the wall and given a dime. "John, you will hold this dime to the wall with your nose. If I come back and find you've dropped the dime do you know what will happen?" Miss Lisa was so strict. She was in complete control of the punishment and knew how to scold and chastise.  John shook his head, rubbing his bare, beet red bottom as he listened. "You will get 12 strokes of my rattan cane across your roasted bottom and thank me for each stroke, that's what will happen. Don't drop that dime and don't rub your fanny, either" oh god, john thought....
John obeyed. He stood there with the dime pressed firmly to the wall with his nose, his bare cheeks welted and red from the wooden spoon spanking. He felt just like when he was a child. His mom used to spank his bare bottom red with the wooden spoon and it really hurt. John was concentrating on not moving so the dime did not drop.
Miss Lisa came back in holding the hairbrush. It was very heavy with a large , square head. The handle was long; it was made of hard cheery wood. It looked mean and meanacing.
Miss Lisa whispered in John's ear as he stood in the corner, bottom red, nose to the wall. "See john, you can be a good boy and follow directions. I expect you to be well behaved when we are done. In fact, you will write lines when we are through here. 100 times. Each line will read: "Thank you Maam for blistering my bare bottom. I will not disobey you again". Miss Lisa was a firm believer of line writing after a spanking so she really knew the boy learned his lesson. "And john, if you skip a line or your writing is sloppy, you will be back over my knee for a good paddling, am I crystal clear young man?"
John felt her breath in his ear and shivered from trepidation. He was so aroused mentally and physically from this strict Lady. Miss Lisa took john by the ear and led him over to the couch again, this time throwing john over her lap. She took her right leg and placed it over the back of johns calves so he would not move and wiggle. The brush was large and mean looking in her hand. "John" she said, tapping the hairbrush on his red bare bottom. "This is going to hurt. The spoon was just a warm up. This is your true punishment spanking. Are you ready for your discipline, john"
John nodded, knowing his bottom was going to be spanked a whipped really hard by that hairbrush. He started to cry a little.
"Ok, then ask me for the spanking you  need , john, and ask me nicely and politely like a good boy. If you are bad or you don't sound sincere I'm getting up for the paddle, is that clear?" John swallowed hard.
"Please Miss Lisa, please spank my bare bottom as hard as you can for my disobedience. I know porn is very disrespectful to women and I'm sorry. I need to learn my lesson over your knee like a bad boy should be. Please spank me, Maam."
Miss Lisa smiled. She raised the brush high above her head and swatted it as hard as she could right on John's left cheek. SMACK!  The pain shot to johns brain instantly and he started ti cry and wince from the pain. Spank after spank rained down as Miss Lisa covered johns bare cheeks with sound swats, left, right, left, left, right, as hard and fast as she could muster.  The brush wobbled and shook johns boyish rear end with each smack, 10....20....30......40 spanks danced and slapped his tender flesh. By this time john was crying and kicking and struggling to keep still. The hairbrush covered every inch of his bottom with angry, red welts.
"Please, Maam, ill be good, please Miss Lisa, I will be a good boy, owwwie, ouch ohhh Maam, please it hurts so bad, please ..."
After several minutes of the hardest spanking of his life it stopped. The pain radiated from his hot, marked bottom to his brain. John was feeling euphoric and floaty from his submission and the power exchange.
Miss Lisa immediately hugged john, wrapping her arms around him and patted his head. John asked if he could place his arms and hands,around Miss Lisa's waist and hug her, too. She smiled and said yes. John hugged and placed his hands on her felt soo good to be hugged.
John cried. He was well punished and contrite, in the arms of his disciplinarian - loving, caring and consoling Miss Lisa. She stroked johns hair, patted hid bare bottom, and soothed him like a good dominant should.  John hugged and squeezed her hips and thighs. "Thank you, thank you Maam" john sniffles between his tears. "I will be a good boy Maam, I promise."
"John, if we have to repeat this, if I find porn in your bedroom again, you won't be across my lap - I will bend you over the bed, take the wide, 3 foot Razor Strap, and spank you until you see stars, am I completely understood, young man"
John shivered. He did not want the razor strap. "Now, I know you are going to be a well behaved, good boy from now on. You are going to bed without supper. Go to your room and I will be in a little bit to tuck you in and rub cream on your bottom". John hugged Miss Lisa for a long time and thanked her again and again. He went to his room and layed on his tummy waiting for Miss Lisa, crying and whimpering, rubbing his burning bottom, a well punished little boy...

The end.


  1. Great story ,.....I imagine myself over Miss Jenn's lap all the way I read that story . Thank you Miss

  2. Great story I wish I could be over your knee Miss Jenn