Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Spanking Story: John's Appointment

I received an email from *John saying he had a cuddle story he'd like to share. And what a great writer John is, I enjoyed his story very much and have posted it here to share with you all. 

-John's Appointment-

John was running a little late to his cuddle appointment. He was really nervous to meet Miss Lisa. He had found her website online last month and decided to set up an appointment. Cuddling is becoming very popular as a form of touch therapy and he wanted to experience it first hand.
John arrived at her apartment and knocked. Miss Lisa was very pretty. She had on tight, hip hugging black yoga pants, a V neck T shirt showing her ample bosom, bare feet, and a wide, large smile as she answered the door.
"Hello John, please come in." She said. Miss Lisa looked like she was ready for bed. Her hair was long and flowing down to her shoulders as she briefly shook johns hand.
They both sat. Miss Lisa sat really close to john. She asked him why he made the appointment and what he expected to get out of the cuddling experience.
"Miss Lisa I really miss human interaction and touch by a beautiful female" john said. "Just being in the same company as a lovely lady and just to hold her in my arms is really what I'm looking for. There is nothing sexual at all about it. Just the fact of spooning a woman, smelling the fragrance of her washed hair, holding her hands, talking, hugging  and cuddling, well, I find that very satisfying. Research indicates cuddling lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, enhances brain activity and makes the average person happier"
Miss Lisa smiled. "John, I like your style. We will get along splendidly. Now, here are my rules. We are both to remain clothed. You will not place your hands on me unless you ask, and if I sense some 'natural occurrences' when we cuddle we will just change positions, are we clear?
John blushed a little. He had wondered about that. What happens if he gets excited? Miss Lisa was thoughtful enough to quell that anxiety.
"Now, go to the rest room and wash your hands. Oh, and did you bring your tooth brush? Please brush your teeth as well. Then come back here and we will begin." She said.
John was excited. He could not wait to cuddle up to Miss Lisa!  When he returned, she was laying on the king sized bed. "Okay, what position would you like to start with,  john?"
They started off spooning - John was the big spoon and Miss Lisa was the little spoon. They curled up on the bed, her large, round bottom gently curved to Johns body. His hands were holding hers and they rested on Miss Lisa's firm tummy. Johns face was close to her long, beautiful locks of hair as he pressed his nose to smell her sweet hair. John squeezed his hands in hers. Holding hands and spooning was so relaxing.
Miss Lisa wiggled her hips and bottom closer to john. "Why did you want me to wear yoga pants, john?" Miss Lisa asked, smiling and already knowing the answer. Guys loved her big bottom - so round and chubby. She loved to tease men with it. She swayed her hips a little, making them wiggle a bit. John looked down and spoke. "I've always liked them on women, Maam. It's just something about them. I've always been a 'leg' man, Miss Lisa." John blushed. He was beginning to really like Miss Lisa.
Miss Lisa sensed john was more submissive in nature by his polite tone and the use of the word Maam. She liked submissive, docile men.  Miss Lisa was the type of woman that liked to be in control at all times. She liked to be pampered and worshipped like a woman should.  She sensed john was a perfect gentleman and a sincere person and she liked being in his arms very much.
They went on to talk about all sorts of things like movies  and  the weather all the while spooning.  Pretty soon john asked that they change positions.
"Miss Lisa, could I sit on a chair and you sit on my knee or lap while I just place my arms around your hips? I would just place them there and promise I won't grab anything I was not suppose to grab. I could just let them kinda sit on the tops of your thighs if that would be ok?" John blushed.
Miss Lisa smiled and agreed. "Ok young man but you better keep your hands on the tops of my thighs, is that clear? You would not want me to have to punish you now for disobedience, now would you?" She said half jokingly, grinning widely. 
When she sat down she placed her arms around his neck and shoulders and leaned into john. She began to whisper and breathe in his ear. "Oh john, you have such wide and muscular shoulders to lay on, to cuddle into", she squealed.  Miss Lisa placed her head right on John's chest as she sat in his lap. They hugged and cuddled there in silence for a long while. John felt very nice and relaxed --here he was hugging a beautiful and nice lady, hugging and cuddling her on his lap. It was a very intense feeling. 
Miss Lisa started to rub and massage his barrel chest -- reaching to johns nipples and pinching them a bit....then harder. She commented on how strong and handsome john looked. He was in heaven with all the attention Miss Lisa was bestowing on him.
As time ticked on Miss Lisa relaxed, too. She looked down at her bare feet. "John, would you mind giving me a foot rub before you go? I was in high heels all day yesterday and my poor footsies are very sore," she said with a pout and frown. She saw john's eyes light up. 
"Oh Maam that would be so much fun! " John said. "I would really like to massage them!"
Miss Lisa sat down in an over stuffed chair as John sat cross legged on the floor. The first thing John noticed was how dainty and small her feet were - beautiful peds size six with pink colored toe nail polish. Each foot had a high arch, accentuating the ball of her foot and the bare, round heel. The feet were well cared for with weekly pedicures and mineral soakings at the local spa. She had very sexy feet and legs. 
"John, go on and massage my right foot with soft, long carress. It's the one that hurts the most. Take my bare foot in your hands and really make it feel good."
The foot felt like velvet in his hands and each touch sent shivers up the spine of Miss Lisa. She loved a good foot rub and to be worshiped by a gentleman. "Oh my john, you are so good at that!", she cooed.  "Now do the left one". Miss Lisa was smiling and in a deep trance from the soft touch.
John had both of her bare, lovely feet and toes in his hands -- kneading them, rubbing them, massaging them. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction and privledge Miss Lisa would allow him the honor of giving her a foot massage. 
It was near the end of the session and john did not want to leave. They just connected to each other on so many levels. He felt exuberant and ready to take on the world!
At the door Miss Lisa gave John a big hug, wrapping her arms around his neck in a solid embrace. John placed his hands around her waist, squeezing just a little above her hips. 
"Thank you Maam, so much for seeing me. I hope you will consider seeing me again. Was I a good boy, Maam?" 
She smiled. Miss Lisa liked John. "Of course ill see you again. If you don't make another appointment really soon you are in big trouble!" She laughed, kissing his cheek goodbye. 
The End

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